FFFoxy Podcast (special edition): KYE Records feature produced by Nick Hamilton of Vittelli Recordings

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For this week’s podcast show, which coincidentally marks our 4th year in existence, we’re thrilled to be able to offer you this special KYE Records feature produced by Nick Hamilton of Vittelli Recordings out of London. As you may recall, Vittelli was responsible for those terrific Matthew P. Hopkins and London Sound Survey albums that we raved about on the show earlier in the year (*see episode #33). Long-time listeners of the show will likely be quite familiar with the work of Graham Lambkin and his KYE label. Graham has been a guest on the podcast show twice and he so generously contributed the artwork to our FFFour KMSU benefit release that we put out last year at this time. We also regularly feature any and all KYE and Graham Lambkin-related releases on the podcast show, as they are a continuous source of discovery and fascination. Simply put, KYE has had a huge influence on the overall sound and direction that the podcast has taken over the past four years.

For this special feature, Nick started off by providing Graham with a series of cues and questions to which Graham recorded his responses at home over both sides of a C90 cassette. The recording captures some of the incidental and accidental sounds of Graham’s domestic surroundings – a common element heard throughout much of his solo and collaborative sound work. Next, Nick reached out to several KYE artists to get some insight into their work and to get an exclusive or unreleased track. Using Graham’s tape as his guide, he then weaved together their words and music into this 2-hour feature that charts a unique history of KYE Records to date. So in addition to Graham’s narration and insights throughout, you’ll also hear from these KYE artists in the following order: Moniek Darge, Tim Goss (Call Back the Giants), Vanessa Rossetto, Matthew Revert, Matthew Hopkins (Vincent Over the Sink, The Bowles), Mark Harwood (Astor), and Matt Krefting.

We present this feature to you this week to coincide with the KYE Records showcase that is taking place at Issue Project Room in New York on Oct. 25-26th. This U.S. showcase, following a previous one at Cafe Oto in the UK this past weekend, will feature performances by Call Back the Giants, Vanessa Rossetto, Matt Krefting, Malcolm Goldstein, and James Rushford with Graham Lambkin. Graham will also be presenting a rare tape piece by Henning Christiansen entitled Opus 186 Schafe statt Geigen (1988), which reportedly was performed by Christiansen with 30 sheep. Tickets and additional information about the showcase and artists involved are available on the Issue Project Room website. This feature will also be aired on KMSU in Mankato, Minnesota on Oct. 20th at 11 p.m.

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