FFFoxy Podcast #81: Dynamite Hemorrhage feature with Jay Hinman


This episode of the FFFoxy Podcast starts off with the track “The Hedonist Jive”, which was the name used for one of Jay Hinman’s many blogs and publications that he has run over the past two decades and beyond dating back to the early 90’s and his Superdope fanzine. These days Jay’s main outlet for his broad musical interests is Dynamite Hemorrhage that is both a semi-regular podcast series and print publication that focuses on sub-underground and other raw music from the last ten decades. I believe I mentioned a few episodes back that I had contributed a Free Form Freakout column to the latest issue of Dynamite Hemorrhage (issue #3) that came out a little over a month ago, which for me was an honor to be able to do. When it comes to sub-underground music, particularly of the more fringe rock and garage punk variety, Jay is someone who I’ve often looked to as a trusted source of information, going back to when I’d regularly read his Detailed Twang blog. So, I was pleased that Jay was able to join me on this latest episode of the podcast where we discuss his formative experiences with punk and zine culture up through his current activities with Dynamite Hemorrhage. Jay was also kind enough to pick out the bulk of the music that you’ll hear throughout the show, including a sampling of tracks from many of the artists featured in the latest issue of Dynamite Hemorrhage. Hope you enjoy this episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for looking and listening.

The Midnight Circus – “The Hedonist Jive”
The Flesh Eaters – “Agony Shorthand”
The Door & The Window – “Detailed Twang”
(Interview segment with Jay Hinman)
The Avengers – “The American In Me”
The Cramps – “Uranium Rock”
Electric Eels – “Agitated”
Die Kreuzen – “Don’t Say Please”
The Fall – “Smile”
Thinking Fellers Uuion Local 282 – “Four O’Clocker Two”
Bill Direen & The Bilders – “Alien”
The Gories – “Telepathic”
(Interview segment with Jay Hinman)
World of Pooh – “Laughing at the Ground”
Amos & Sara – “Mudchuker Man”
The Coolies – “God Take Me”
Sibylle Baier – “I Lost Something in the Hills”
Maxine Funke – “Old Gold”
Johanne Robertson – “Wave”
Rays – “Drop Dead”
Unit 4 – “Act”
Lithics – “Lizard”
White Fence – “Anger! Who Keeps You Under?”
Velvet Underground – “Run Run Run” (live @ Hilltop Pop Festival)
(Interview segment with Jay Hinman)
Burnt Envelope – “It Must Be My Brain”
Cutss – “Odeto”
Honey Radar – “Postcard Target”
Andy McLeod – “There Is No Time For That Now”
Nick Jonah Davis – “Corksniffer’s Delight”
Thistle Group – “Teardrops/Where I Come From”
Outro music: FWY – “Anza”

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