FFFoxy Podcast #41: Little Big Chief Records feature


On this episode of the FFFoxy Podcast, we featured music from Little Big Chief Records and spoke with Brock Kappers, who is the gentleman that runs the label out in Virginia. Little Big Chief has been around for about three years now – putting out a mix of reissues and new material from artists that steer towards the really primitive or, maybe, avant garage end of the rock spectrum. More recent reissues, however, like Simon Finn’s acid-folk classic Pass the Distance and Pete and Royce’s prog-rock epic Suffering of Tomorrow have made the Little Big Chief catalog a bit more varied and difficult to pin down. So in addition to airing our interview with Brock, you’ll get a chance to hear a track from each Little Big Chief release to date, including material from their latest LPs from Hollywood Autopsy and Ragtime Frank that just came out a few weeks ago. For more information or to order available Little Big Chief titles head over to HERE. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Mad Nanna “I Made Blood Better” I’ve Been Talking 7” (LBCR-001)
(Introduction & Interview segment with Brock Kappers)
Hollywood Autopsy “Love-Removal-Finality (Cold War)” S/T LP (LBCR-012)
Ragtime Frank “Nobody’s Business” I’m A Rocketship For My Lord LP (LBCR-013)
Pete and Royce “Round Your Grave” Suffering of Tomorrow LP (LBCR-010)
Simon Finn “Jerusalem” Pass the Distance LP (LBCR-011)
(Interview segment with Brock Kappers)
Dan Melchoir “Sagittarius A” C.C.D.E Music LP (LBCR-007)
True Sons of Thunder “Don’t Make It Stop” Stop and Smell Your Face LP (LBC-009)
Mountain Cult “Don’t Feel Sick” S/T LP (LBCR-004)
East Link “Angel Gun” S/T CS (LBCR-005)
(Interview segment with Brock Kappers)
Xwave “Wasted” Cities In Flame LP (LBCR-003)
Girls Girls Girls “Borstch” Borsh LP (LBCR-002)
Watery Love “A Condom” Two Thrills 7” (LBCR-006)
Birds of Maya “Picnic” Celebration LP (LBCR-008)
(Talk break)
Good Area “Anti-P” Dilettante CS (Vitrine)

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