FFFreakout #520 (special edition): The Blind Shake feature


If you’ve tuned into KMSU over the past couple of weeks you’ve likely heard us or others mention on air that the station is pleased to be bringing the powerhouse Twin Cities-based garage-psych-surf-punk trio, The Blind Shake, to Mankato for the first time on Saturday, July 9th. They’ll be performing at The What’s Up Lounge for a 21+ show with the music starting at 9:00. Joining them on the bill is another great Twin Cities band called Weakwick, who are a noise rock duo with a trio of hard-hitting, self-released tapes under their belts, along with Mankato’s very own Rhythmaplex, the long-running duo that features Edgar from KMSU’s MN Music Network. This is going to be an invigorating night of music here in Mankato, so we thought we’d put together a special show this week to mark the occasion. David was fortunate enough to get a chance to speak with Mike Blaha, who is the baritone guitarist and vocalist in The Blind Shake, so you’ll get a chance to hear their interview where they discuss a little bit about The Blind Shake’s history and their evolution as a band. You’ll also hear a bunch of music from The Blind Shake, including some of their collaborations and side projects. We also carved out some time at the end to play a few tracks from both Weakwick and Rhythmaplex, too. We hope you enjoy this special edition, and if you’re checking this out before July 9th, we hope to see you at the show!

The Blind Shake “Walking Stick” from Key To a False Door
Michael Yonkers with The Blind Shake “Why Don’t” from Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons
The Blind Shake “They’re All Gone” from Seriousness
The Blind Shake “Wise Mr. Owl” from Soft Zodiac EP
(Interview segment w/ Mike)
The Blind Shake “Tar Paper” from Fly Right
The Blind Shake “Holy Road” from Fly Right
Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake “Sea Saw” from Modern Surf Classics
(Interview segment w/ Mike)
The Blind Shake “I’m Not An Animal” from Seriousness
The Blind Shake “Old Lake” from Breakfast of Failures
Shadow in the Cracks “800 Meters” from S/T
(Introduce Weakwick and Rhythmaplex tracks)
Weakwick “Rubbernecking” from Whistle Along
Weakwick “Bat the Knife” from Whistle Along
Rhythmaplex “Turn For The Worse” from S/T
Rhythmaplex “Wanna No” from S/T

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