FFFreakout #501-505


So, here’s what has been happening on the weekly Free Form Freakout show for the past month or so. In that time we’ve taking in another great Wolf Eyes gig, won an insanely packaged box set at a terrific local arts benefit, marked the sad passing of Beatle’s producer George Martin and Dead Moon drummer Andrew Loomis, endured a 12-hour winter storm, and picked up some great new records by the likes of Heron Oblivion, Counter Intuits, and The Savage Young Taterbug. Whether or not you heard any of this, we appreciate you checking in with us here.

FFFreakout #505 (Aired on 3/24/16):
P.I.L. “Flower of Romance” from The Flowers of Romance
Heron Oblivion “Faro” from S/T
The Lentils “A Theory of Drowning” from Brattleboro Is Flooding
The Savage Young Taterbug “The Paperstud” from Shadow of Marlboro Man
The Deep Freeze Mice “The Disappearance of the Guard Dog” from The Best of The Deep Freeze Mice
Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras Meet The Congos “Happy Song” from Icon Give Thank
The Instant Automatons “Invertebrates” from Another Wasted Sunday Afternoon
The Specials “Ghost Town” from The 2 Tone Collection: A Checkered Past
Willie Nelson “Red Headed Stranger” from Red Headed Stranger
David Bowie “Eight Line Poem” from Hunky Dory
World Party “Is It Like Today” from Bang
Iggy Pop “Gardenia” from Post Pop Depression
Nouvelle Vague “Love Will Tell Us Apart” from S/T


FFFreakout #504 (Aired on 3/17/16):
The Pheromoans “Rock & Pop Quarrel” from I’m On Nights
Miss Lana Rebel & Kevin Michael Mayfield “Better Way To Live” from The Midtown Island Sessions
Russell Hoke “Shattering of the Form” from Cosmic Outlaws
Dock Boggs “Country Blues” from Anthology of American Folk Music
The Tower Recordings “Omega Men & Women” from Furniture Music For Evening Shuttles
Mike Cooper “I’ve Got Mine” from Trout Steel
Peter Hammill “Candle” from Fool’s Mate
Map 71 “Evovaniss” from Sado Technical Exercise
Flux “Backword” from Uncarved Block
Final Cop “Great Unlearning” from Castaway Lakota
Metal Urbain “Paris Marquis” from Anarchy in Paris!
The Coolies “Scorpio 10” from Kaka
The Pheromoans “About To Go” from I’m On Nights


FFFreakout #503 (Aired on 3/10/16):
HAR-YOU Percussion Group “Welcome to the Party” from Sounds of the Ghetto Youth
Dead Moon “Dead Moon Night” from Echoes of the Past
Counter Intuits “Dementia/Dementia” from Monosyllabilly
Drunk Elk “Desert of Snow” from Constellations
Miss Lana Rebel & Kevin Michael Mayfield “Hope It Don’t Rain” from The Midtown Island Sessions
JFM “Fig Tree” from Blood Moon
The Sa-Ra Creative Partners “Melodee N Mynor” from Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love
The Dirtbombs “Natural Man” from If You Don’t Already Have a Look
The Beatles “Taxman” from Revolver
The Beatles “Babies in Black” from For Sale
Paul McCartney “No More Lonely Night” from Give My Regards To Broad Street
America “Miniature / Tin Man” from Holiday
The Beatles “Got To Get You Into My Life” from Revolver
Ringo Starr “Night and Day” from Sentimental Journey
George Martin Orchestra “Ringo’s Theme” from A Hard Day’s Night
Ultravox “Reap the Wild Wind (This Boy)” from Quartet

FFFreakout #502 (Aired on 3/3/16):
Arca “Front Load” from Mutant
Counter Intuits “Sunglasses After Death” from Monosyllabilly
French, Frith, Kaiser, & Thompson “Where’s the Money” from Live, Love, Larf, & Loaf
Peter Hammill “Pushing Thirty” from The Future Now
More Eaze “Infinite Waste” from Abandoning Finitude
Jakob Olausson “Listen Sister” from Moonlight Farm
Faust “Flashback Caruso” from The Faust Tapes
David Bowie “Sound & Vision” from Low
Skip James “I’m So Glad” from The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 2
Geeshie Wiley “The Last Kind Words” from The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 2
King Soloman Hill “The Gone Dead Train” from The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 2
Son House “Walkin Blues” from The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 2
Mandel Terry and Orchestra “Black and Tan Fantasy” from The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 2
Charley Patton “Rattlesnake Blues” from The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 2
Kentucky Ramblers “Good Cocaine (Mama Don’t Allow It)” from The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 2
The Mississippi Sheiks “The New Stop and Listen” from The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 2


FFFreakout #501 (Aired on 2/25/16):
Fury Things “Silence is OK” from VHS
Wolf Eyes “Twister Nightfall” from I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces
Clone Defects “Shapes of Venus” from Static Disaster compilation
Beatrice “A Girl Like Me” from The Disparate Cogscienti
Kelley Stoltz “Cut Me, Baby” from In Triangle Time
Lyrics Born “Bad Dreams” from Later That Day
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang “Teach Me to Bear You” from The Wonder Show of the World
David Bowie “D.J.” from Lodger
George Harrison “All Things Must Pass” from All Things Must Pass
George Harrison “What Is Life” from All Things Must Pass
Nancy Sinatra “Bang, Bang” from How Does That Grab You?
Fleetwood Mac “Tusk” (alternate version) from Tusk
Harry Nilsson “Jump in the Fire” from Nilsson Schmilsson

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