FFFreakout #416-418

It has been a busy past couple of weeks around here in FFF land making it difficult for Carl and I to meet up for the regular weekly shows. Fortunately, we have had local music head and vinyl fiend, Jameson Sweiger, sitting in with us on these occasions when the other is gone. He’s been bringing in some dusty obscurities to flesh out our playlists (*see shows #416 & #418) and we’ve now dubbed him the go-to 6th man of FFF – our Kurt Rambis if you will.

FFFreakout #416 (Aired on 6/19/14):
Low “Everybody’s Song” from The Great Destroyer
Chuck Rhubarb and His Sergeants “Animals Rock N’ Roll”
Ice “Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around”
Norman West “What Kind of Spell (Is This I’m Under)”
Prince and the Paupers “Exit”
Debb Johnson “Dancing in the Ruin”
NGC-4594 “Skipping Through the Night”
Yussuf Jerusalem “Greetings from Novi Sad” from A Heart Full of Sorrow
Pere Ubu “Real World” from Live at the Longhorn April 1, 1978
Pete and Royce “Round Your Grave” from Suffering of Tomorrow
The Tornadoes “Jungle Fever”
Red Wing “Please Doctor Please” from S/T
T.R. Crooks “We Are All Brothers” from To A Brother
Buck Barker “Country People” from Rockin’ All Nite Long
Kenny Knight “Whiskey” from Crossroads
Jim Kennedy “Over and Done” from Just Being Natural

FFFreakout #417 (Live on 7/3/14):
Shellac “Doris” from Uranus 7″
Dick Hyman “The Moog and Me” from Moog: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman
Broadcast “Lunch Hour Pops” from Haha Sound
Flaming Tunes “Breast Stroke” from S/T
The Cleaners From Venus “Kool of the Night” from Blow Away Your Troubles
Albert Ayler “Ghost: First Variation” from Spiritual Unity
Country Joe McDonald “U.F.O” from Rock and Roll Music From the Planet Earth
The Red Crayola “Discipline” from Soldier Talk
Beastie Boys “Finger Lickin’ Good” from Check Your Head
X “4th of July” from Beyond & Back: The X Anthology
Elvis Presley “If I Can Dream” from The ’68 Comeback
Bobby Womack “Across 110th Street” from The Best of Bobby Womack: The Soul Years
Johnny Cash “Song of the Patriot” from The Essential Johnny Cash
Neil Diamond “America” from The Jazz Singer
Roger Miller “Chug-A-Lug” from Golden Hits
Legendary Stardust Cowboy “Paralyzed” from Paralyzed: His Vintage Recordings 1968-1981

FFFreakout #418 (Aired on 7/10/14):
The Cleaners From Venus “Living on Nerve Ends” from On Any Normal Monday
Alkibar Gignor “Gotofou” from La Paix
Bent Wind “Going to the City” from Sussex
Roy Wood “When Gran’ma Plays the Banjo” from Boulders
Abner Jay “Hambone” from Hambone b/w Rattle the Bones 12″
Klyd and Linda Watkins “Ride ‘Em Ranger” from Poetry Out Loud #3
Animals + Men “Don’t Misbehave in the New Age” from Singles & Demos 1979-83
Norm Chambers “3.35” from split 7″ w/ Joe Houpert
Randy “The Outlaw” from b/w “Why Is IT Always the Same” 7″
Sid Selvidge “The Outlaw” from The Cold of the Morning
School Sisters of Notre Dame “Prayer of Generosity” from Choose Life
Keith Streid “Bobby Socks” from It Wasn’t Meant To Be
Kevin Aprill “Improvisation in C for Solo Dulcimer” from Latent Energy
The Rodeo “Felicia-Jo” from b/w “Millie the Pro” 7″
Weather “Railroadin'” from b/w “All Right Now” 7″
The Sheiks “Witches & Mystics” from Witches & Mystics

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