FFFreakout #394 (Aired on 1/9/14)

Well, we survived the polar vortex of death with our fingers and ears intact, and we sure hope you were able to do the same. Our playlist for today’s show, though unintentional, seemed to capture the flux of lethargy and pent-up energy that sets in after spending several days hunkered down inside. The new Black Dirt Oak album has been making life more tolerable, though. This supergroup, with members from No Neck Blues Band, Pelt, Pigeons, Desert Heat, and Rhyton, has their debut, Wawayanda Patent, due out next week on Mie Music, and it’s the first release of the new year that we couldn’t be more excited about. It also has felt like the right time for the annual plunge into the world of the The Shadow Ring. These bouts generally last a good month or two, so you’ll likely be hearing more from them in the weeks ahead. Carl rolled the dice and spun the The Godz legendary feline freakout, which was sort of fun imagining the response this would receive from the uninitiated. He also played a track in honor of David Bowie’s birthday and something from The Everly Brothers to mark the recent passing of Phil Everly.

Ras_G and the Afrikan Space Program “All Is Well” from Back on the Planet
Black Dirt Oak “Florian’s Wind-Up” from Wawayanda Patent
Mark Lay “Here Come The Waves” from Rt. 1 Box 320- A
The Shadow Ring “Gloved-Up” from Wax-Work Echoes
T-Rex “The Street and The Babe Shadow” (acoustic demo version) from Tanx
German Army “Major Outlet” from Last Language
Louis Minus Seize “My Shoes Are More Fashionable Than Your Face” from Birds and Bats
The Godz “White Cat Heat” from Contact High With The Godz
David Bowie “Space Oddity” (re-recorded single b-side, 1979) from Scary Monsters
The Everly Brothers “I’m Here to Get My Baby Out Of Jail” from Cadence Classics: Their 20 Greatest Hits
The Cure “In Between Days” from The Head on the Door
Supernova “Chewbacca” from Clerks O.S.T.
Frank Sinatra “Witchcraft” from Sinatra’s Sinatra
Ned’s Atomic Dustbin “Happy” from God Fodder
Hüsker Dü “Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely” from Candy Apple Grey


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