FFFoxy Podcast #97 with in-studio guest Graham Lambkin

Graham Lambkin @ Arts Center of St. Peter

After a wonderful evening of performances at the Arts Center of St. Peter, Graham Lambkin and I reconvened at the KMSU studios to record this new installment of the podcast show. Our approach was rather impromptu: I grabbed some new albums that were recently acquired, and he grabbed a handful of titles off the shelves in the FFF bunker. We also brought along test pressings of the forthcoming solo releases by Joe McPhee and Matthew Revert on Graham’s Kye label to premiere on the show, both of which should be available to order by mid-to-late May. Beyond that, this show was produced on the fly with very minimal edits, so this is what our two-hours spent in the studio on a beautiful Saturday afternoon sounded like. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. As always, thanks for looking and listening. [Note: The featured photo for this post and on the Soundcloud player was taken by Jameson Sweiger. The photo located at the top of this page was provided by James Lindbloom.]

Mark Harwood & Graham Lambkin “Sirisongs” Sirisongs 7” (Penultimate Press/Kye)
Blue Suede Platforms “Rebel Debutante” Woodhat CS (All Gone)
Conformity Contortion “There’s No Time Like the Prescient” Perception Management CD (Personal Archives)
Mattin “Jenseits der Willkommenskultur” Songbook #6 LP (SDZ Records)
(Talk break)
Robert Ashley “The Fox” Wolfman CD (Alga Marghen)
Leif Brush “Earth Star Songs, Pt. I” (excerpt) Stitched Phenomena CS (Pentiments)
(Talk break)
Alex de Grassi “Bougainvillea” Clockwork LP (Windham Hill)
Tod Dockstader “Band 4: Piece 4” Eight Electronic Pieces LP (Etats-Unis)
Mathieu Serruys “The Silver Sea” On Germaine Dulac LP (B.A.A.D.M.)
Lard Free “Spirale Malax” III CD (Spalax)
(Talk break)
Joe McPhee “A Quantum Singularity” (excerpt) Seattle Symphony LP (Kye)
Matthew Revert “Being Small” Being Small LP (Kye)
(Talk break)
Anton Heyboer “Woman Gives Herself by Her Eyes and That Is All” Rules of the Universe 2LP (Kye)
Buell Kazee “The Butcher’s Boy” Anthology of American Folk Music 6CD Box Set (Smithsonian Folkways)
Mars “Puerto Rican Ghost” No New York CD (Lilith)
(Talk break)
Cromagnon “Organic Sundown” Cave Rock CD (ESP-Disk/Munster)
Pascal Comelade “Fluence” Rocanrolorama 6CD box set (Because Music)
Harold Budd “Dark Star” Wind In Lonely Fences 1970-2011 2CD (All Saints)
(Closing comments)
Mark Harwood & Graham Lambkin “Sirisongs” Sirisongs 7” (Penultimate Press/Kye)

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