FFFoxy Podcast #87: Graham Lambkin



On this installment of the FFFoxy Podcast show, we spotlight the brand new album Community from Graham Lambkin, an artist who’s work – if you have listened to the show over the years – you know that we have a great deal of respect and admiration for. After several years of collaborating with other artists such as Jason Lescalleet, Keith Rowe, and Michael Pisaro, Community marks Lambkin’s first widely available solo release in five years. It’s a remarkable album, arguably one of his finest efforts to date, and one that ties together all of his previous sound work from The Shadow Ring on up through his various collaborations. In the first hour of the show, we talk with Graham about the making of Community and play a few of the key tracks from the album. We also take some time to discuss and play a few selections from the latest releases that just came out on his Kye label, too. Then, in the second hour of the show, we shift gears and dive into a bunch of new music that has arrived here in the past month or so, including fresh new works from Roy Montgomery, Cody Yantis, and Oksun Ox. Hope you enjoy this new episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. As always, thanks for looking and listening.

Graham Lambkin “Robin Frog (Yuk Yo)” Community LP/2CD (Kye/Erstwhile)
Tracks played throughout interview segment with Graham Lambkin:
Graham Lambkin “Community” Community LP/2CD (Kye/Erstwhile)
Graham Lambkin “I vs. Air” (excerpt) Community 2CD (Erstwhile)
Glorias Navales “Richie” Cofradia Nautica LP (Kye)
Mark Vernon “Cracked Shell (Tape Transplant)” Lend An Ear, Leave A Word LP (Kye)
Graham Lambkin “The Personality” Community LP/2CD (Kye/Erstwhile)
(Talk break)
Roy Montgomery “Dear Future Loser” RMHQ – Headquaters 4CD (Grapefruit)
Oksun Ox “Ballad of the Lost Days” Dreamboat Screams Up the River of Blood 8” Lathe (Stabbies, etc.)
Noel Meek “Side B” (excerpt) The Lothian Tapes CS (Bunkland)
Chronos “Schaudernacht” Cologne Curiosities: The Unknown Krautrock Underground CD (Mental Experience)
Cody Yantis “Piece for Ensemble” Cadence Annals CS (Reno Park Press)
Howard Stelzer “Side B” (excerpt) Dawn Songs CS (No Rent Records)
(Talk break)
The Miami Dolphins “Scarlette” Perlite 7” EP (FPE Records)
Knives of Spain “Jealous Cannibal” Telluric CS (Hairy Spider Legs)
German Army “Notes of Basque” Diego Garcia CS (Wounded Knife)
Everest Magma “B4” Gnosis LP (Boring Machines)
Ant’lrd “Kasuisai” (excerpt) Sleep Drive LP (White Sepulchre)
(Talk break)
Kellar “Scorched Schemes” Sacred Cyclical Pilgrimage CD (Foolproof Projects)

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