FFFoxy Podcast #85


Much like the last installment of the podcast, I tried to get through as much of the newer material that has arrived in recent months as possible. I did pull out a couple of older things that seemed to fit within a couple of the sets, though: it seemed like a good opportunity to break out that Gas box set since it was recently announced that there is going to be an even more comprehensive 10LP/4CD set coming out in October of this seminal project of Wolfgang Voigt’s. Of the new material, though, I can’t say enough good things about the latest works from Horseback, Insect Factory, and Matthew P. Hopkins. Of the steady flow of tape submissions and purchases, new sounds from øjeRumSandra Boss, and Homogenized Terrestrials have been getting repeated plays on the slowly degrading household  tape decks (*Note: If anyone has a decent tape player they’re looking to get rid off, I’m all ears). While I do later correct myself during the course of the show, I’ll note again that it is Mark Harwood, not Matt, that is the proprietor of the fine Penultimate Press label and mailorder site. Be on the lookout for a feature on Penultimate Press in the weeks ahead. Until then, hope you enjoy this episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for looking and listening.

Horseback “Shape of the One Thing” Dead Ringers 2LP (Relapse)
Clay Cantrell & Band of Borges “As the Snow Fills the Gutters” Songs of Wine and Scythes LP (Southern Trust)
The Magnetisers “Last Cigarette” S/T CD-R (Pangea Alps)
Insect Factory “Junk Machine” Work LP (Insect Fields)
Trumans Water “Deep Grub Yonder” Of Thick Tum CD (Homestead)
Error Massage “Supple Base” Nonaggress CD-R (Tape Drift)
Sandra Boss “Plane” (excerpt) Terræn CS (Thalamos)
(Talk break)
Matthew P. Hopkins “Inside the Wall” Blue Lit Half Breath LP (Penultimate Press)
C. Joynes “Number One” Pianer Magick 3” CD-R (Palimpsest Recordings)
Hermione Johnson & Stefan Neville “Lies” Scrum LP (Feeding Tube)
Gavin Prior “Side B/Track 1” Clusters CS (Fort Evil Fruit)
Peter Kris “Frozen Minutes” Labrador 2xCS (Never Anything)
Pataphysics “You Risk” My Phone’s About To Die CS (Pecan Crazy)
Maria Violenza “Young Boy” Tendres Ténèbres LP* (Crudites/SDZ Records)
Passed “Illuminant (Slowly We Dissolve)” (excerpt) Illuminat/Glory 12” (Boring Machines)
(Talk break)
øjeRum “Skoven Sort” Variationer I Mørke CS (Hornbuckle)
Mike Pursley “Untitled” (excerpt) Guitar Tape 2016 CS (self-released)
David First “Étude #7” Same Animal, Different Cages Vol. 1: Études for Acoustic Guitar LP (Fabrica)
Homogenized Terrestrials “Efa Plenda Zek” e tistula no. 2 CS (Aubjects)
R. Magellan “Lady-Like-Honey” Sleepy TV CS (OJC Recordings)
FWY! “Nowhere/Somewhere” CA 80’s-90’s CD (Dub Ditch Picnic)
Gas “Untitled” Pop/Nah und Fern 4CD (Kompakt)
(Talk break)
Weakwick “Bat the Knife” Whistle Along CS (Rotted Tooth Recordings)
Les Rallizes Denudes “Strung Out Deeper Than the Night” France Demo Tapes CD (Bamboo)

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