FFFoxy Podcast #83 with Chris Berry of Soft Abuse / Fruits & Flowers


For the sixth consecutive summer, our pal Chris Berry of Soft Abuse and Fruits & Flowers joined us in the KMSU studios to play a bunch of music from his personal collection and to talk a little shop about his labels. These have been some of our favorite shows to do over the years as they are always filled with loads of new discoveries and little known gems, and this episode is certainly no exception. Chris put in double duty this time around in Mankato, too, sticking around to DJ at a local event we were involved in that featured performances from Termite Acropolis, Final Seed, Lens, and Matthew De Gennaro. It was an all-around good time, of course, and included the usual fine dining and cold beverage intake. But, there were a few new surprises to this year’s experience: BATS!! Not the baseball variety either, but those actual little flying critters. For real, you’ll have to ask us about it some time. Hope you enjoy this episode, though. Check out the links below to find out more information about each of the releases played or feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for looking and listening.

Kraus “Hippy Drum Triangle” Mountain of the Moon CS (self-released)
Glam Fail “Cyclone Rodney” b/w “Just Deserve” 7″ (Ever/Never)
Oz Band “Frameout” b/w “Feedback” 7″ (Sloowax)
Carla dal Forno “Fast Moving Cars” b/w “Better Yet” 7″ (Blackest Ever Black)
Woo “The Attic” Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong CS (Independent Project Records)
The Sea Ensemble “Feza’s Song” After Nature LP (Red Record)
(Talk break with Chris Berry)
D.N.E. “Phenomena” 47 Songs Humans Shouldn’t Sing LP (Human-Needs Records)
Rep Boyett “A Merlin Sleep” The Old House (More Than Just These Memories) LP (Artist’s Records)
Ignatz & De Stervende Honden “I Gotta Pee” Teenage Boys LP (Ultra Eczema)
Richard Davies “Close to the Storyline” Telegraph LP (Flydaddy)
Tall Dwarfs “Big Dave” Throw A Sickie 12″ EP (Flying Nun)
Angus MacLise “DS8043” Tapes II CS (Pleasure Editions)
(Talk break with Chris Berry)
Matthew De Gennaro “La Chirapita” Spark & Flame 7″ (Soft Abuse)
FWY! “Arcadia (CA)” San Gabriel CS (Soft Abuse)
Donovan Quinn “Cursed Exile” Dad Was Buried in a Leather Jacket 7″ (*forthcoming on Soft Abuse)
Exiles From Clowntown “Contradiction Dance” Oh Well 7″ (*forthcoming on Soft Abuse)
The Bibs “Already Gone” From the Fish Houses LP (Soft Abuse)
Carter Thornton “The White Highrise” Mapping the Ghost Vol. 2: The Dead Beach to The Church CS (Soft Abuse)
(Talk break with Chris Berry)
Gary Salzman “The Secret Forces of Nature – Part One” The Secret Forces of Nature 7″ (Lode Records)
Snail Mail “Stick” Habit EP CS (Sister Polygon Records)
Tori Kudo “Mu Ji Ge” Mu Ji Ge 7″ (self-released)
Cate Le Bon “Find Me” Crab Day LP (Drag City)
Peter Arnold with Claire Timings “Rachel This Evening” Rarer Than Radium LP (Flying Nun)
Primo! “Daphne” Primo Cassetto CS (Hidiotic)
(Talk break with Chris Berry)
Bruce Palmer “Oxo” The Cycle is Complete LP (Verve Forecast)
Clay Allison “Fell From the Sun” b/w “All Souls” 7″ (Serpent Records)
Ego Summit “Small Piece of Germany” The Room Isn’t Big Enough LP (Old Age/No Age)

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