FFFoxy Podcast #78


The smoke from the Canadian wildfires found its way down to southern Minnesota this weekend, so this episode comes to you with itchy eyes and the dank smell of a smoldering early morning campfire. But, I’m excited about all of the music featured on this installment, so that seemed to make up for the lingering odor that was hanging around the studio while recording this one. Of the new material played throughout this show, I’ve been particularly drawn to the experimental metal sounds of Drose, the crude cut-up tape work of Brian Ruryk, the oddball lo-fi pop of I Know I’m An Alien, the leftfield electronic pulsations of Driftmachine, and especially the latest release from FFF’s new dream duo, Neutral. There’s also some highlights on the archival front with an essential reissue of Henning Christiansen’s Requiem of Art fluxorum organum II Opus 50 out on Penultimate Press and Red Square’s Rare & Lost 70s Recordings recently surfacing on Guerssen. There’s lots of other amazing sounds scattered throughout, so go ahead and just bury your head in this installment. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for looking and listening.

Neutral “Andas” S/T LP (Omlott)
Q//Q “Phantom Cargo” Witch Craze CS (Entertainment Systems)
Drose “Heat and Patience” Boy Man Machine LP (Orange Milk)
Alpha Strategy “Path” Drink the Brine, Get Scarce CS* (self-released)
Polvo “Fast Canoe” Exploded Drawing CD (Touch and Go)
Brian Ruryk “OK OK” Actual Size…degress again CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions)
Panos Alexiadis “Struggling Essence” Orphne CS (Thalamos)
(Talk break)
Henning Christiansen excerpt of Requiem of Art fluxorum organum II Opus 50 LP (Penultimate Press)
Sten Hanson “Revolution” Revue Ou Complete Recordings 4CD (Alga Marghen)
Electro-Haram “Side A” (excerpt) Taharrush Gamea CS (Post-Materialization Music)
Sparkling Wide Pressure “Prism of Stars” Night Sky Body CS (Cabin Floor Esoterica)
I Know I’m An Alien “Nine-to-Five (Cripples My Soul)” S/T CS (self-released)
Stefan Christensen “I Am the Timepiece” Isreal (It’s More of the Same) CS (Night People)
Muura “Side A” (excerpt) Wormwood Grasshopper LP LP (Wormwood Grasshopper)
(Talk break)
Red Square “Nakamichi #3” Rare & Lost 70s Recordings CD (Guerssen)
Cassiber “Last Call” Beauty and the Beast CD (ReR)
Driftmachine “Sans Soleil” Colliding Contours LP* (Umor Rex)
Phork “Ride Up” K CS (Sacred Phrases)
Felix Kubin “Bruder Luzifer” Filmmusik CD (A-Musik)
Pay The Rent “Diana” Soft On Glass CS (White Reeves Productions)
Motion Sickness of Time Travel excerpt of Weeks (Adversary)
(Talk break)
Keith Seatman “Seeing the Invisible” Fractures CD-R* (A Year in the Country)
William Basinski “dlp 2.1” (excerpt) The Disintegration Loops CD (2062)

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