FFFoxy Podcast #77


It’s been a rather interesting, slightly intense, time around these parts since the last show with, of course, the sad passing of a Minnesota music legend in Prince this week, and then KMSU being a fairly active place with its annual Spring Pledge Drive going on. On top of that, I have also been working on, and recently submitted in fact, my contribution for a new Free Form Freakout review column for the upcoming third issue of the great Dynamite Hemorrhage zine, which is available now for pre-order. I’ll definitely be talking more about that in the coming weeks. I’ve also been busy plotting some forthcoming podcast and label-related activities when not slugging it out at the daily grind. So, it was kind of nice to settle in and decompress a bit at the studio and put together this wide-ranging batch of fringe sounds for you. There’s lots of great new stuff this time around from such artists as Heimat, Steve Palmer & Matt Beachey, Jackie McDowell, Foodman, Christian Mirande and more, not to mention some notable reissues from Lifetones and Cluster. I also had to slip in a few recent dollar bin finds from Het and Ilham Mimaroglu; the discovery of these titles and several more made for a worthwhile Record Store Day experience last weekend. I hope you enjoy this new episode, though. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for looking and listening.

Heimat “Wieder Ja” S/T LP (Kill Shaman)
Magnetic Lake “Forest Song” S/T CS (Post-Materialization Music)
Peter Kirsch “Theadora’s Garden” Free Music Zone CD (OSR Tapes)
Doctor Nod “Watch Out” Top Tips CS (Clean Nice Quiet)
Bevis Frond “Confusion Days” Miasma LP (Fire Records)
Steve Palmer & Matt Beachey “Glaring Contradiction” Slow Clarity CS (Cabin Floor Esoterica)
Shawn David McMillen “Glass Neighbors” Catfish CD (Tompkins Square)
(Talk break)
Jandek “Part Two” Dublin Friday CD (Corwood Industries)
Jackie McDowell “Thirteen Mothers Rise” New Blood Medicine CD-R (Wild Silence)
Sapphogeist “Sacred Nation” S/T CS (No Rent)
Thollem “Freedom Hoarders” Machine in the Ghost CD (Personal Archive)
Het “The Unmoved Mover” Let’s Het CD (Ad Hoc Records)
Lifetones “Traveling” For A Reason LP (Light in the Attic)
Cluster “15:43” Cluster 71 / 1971-1981 9CD box set (Bureau B)
(Talk break)
Foodman “Uoxtu” Ez Minzoku LP (Orange Milk)
Scammers “Takeoffs” Lasers In The Jungle CS (Personal Archives)
No Data “Terminal A” Uniform Groove With a Chisel CS (OJC Recordings)
Christian Mirande “Comfortable With Tsagi” (excerpt) Foxbat CS (No Rent)
Muck “Marcello’s Angels” Roc CD-R (Pax Recordings)
Smegma “Boils and Carbuncles” The Smell Remains the Same LP (Anarchymoon Recordings)
Michael Prior “The Lake” (excerpt) Afternoons in January CS (Greedy Ventilator)
(Talk break)
Ilhan Mimaroglu “Agony” Electronic Music LP (Turnabout)

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