FFFoxy Podcast #67


We have a jam-packed new installment of the FFFoxy Podcast for you this time around with a selection of mostly newer sounds picked out, along with a few choice older cuts from some crucial releases that seemed to fit in nicely. Got some heavy new LP offerings from the likes of The Coolies, CCR Headcleaner, and Tiger Hatchery with Paul Flaherty – all of which are kissed with that special indescribable raw magic in their respective areas of sound exploration. We’ve also gripped some excellent new, non-Cassette Store Day tapes that have been inviting plenty of repeat spins. We’ve been particularly smitten by the latest works from Berber Ox, Honey Radar, Cruelty, and Derek Baron – the latter of which providing a slice of “audio journalism” that is remarkably captivating.There are several other notable releases featured throughout, which we attempt to highlight throughout the show, but we’ll leave it at that for now and let you give it a listen. Hope you enjoy this episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

The Coolies “Scorpio 10” Kaka LP (Feeding Tube)
Novy Svet “Oneofakind” split w/ German Army 7” (Tourette)
Honey Radar “Turpentine Jam” The Cop’s Dream CS (Stale Heat)
Goat Bath Eternity “I Ceased To Hope Because I Understood” Downers CS (Goaty Tapes)
CCR Headcleaner “Cokesmoker” (excerpt) Cokesmoker 12” (Stale Heat)
Skullflower “Sunset” Kino III: Xaman CD (Shock/Dirter)
The Sunday Painters “Heart Of A Siren” In My Dreams LP (Terminal Records/What’s Your Rupture)
Berber Ox “Side A” (excerpt) Communication With The Interior CS (Cave Recordings)
(Talk break)
Odetta Hartman “Tap Tap” 222 CS (Northern Spy)
Jen Hill “nnnn” The Shape Of It CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions)
Pefkin “These Blazing Stars” Liminal Rites CD-R (Wild Silence)
Voicehandler “Mi Falible Mano” Song Cycle CD (Humbler)
Group Ongako “Object” Music of Group Ongaku LP (SEER Sound Archive)
Jacques Brodier “Filtre de Réalite” (excerpt from) Musics in the Margin CD (Sub Rosa)
Ant’lrd “Slow Hood / Trading Buildings For Trees” Clouding Indefinitely CS (Inner Islands)
(Talk break)
Phantom Horse “Hector” Different Forces LP* (Umor Rex)
Cruelty “Untitled” S/T CS (Lighten Up Sounds)
Syko Friend “Tupelo’s Tell” Party Music 2xCS (Hairy Spider Legs)
Zweistein “I’m A Melody Maker” (bonus track) Trip-Flip Out-Meditation 3CD (Captain Trip)
Rigel Magellan “Yellow Trail” Succulent Sounds CS (OJC Recordings)
Derek Baron “Ex Teresa Arte Actual” Palmillas CS (Power Moves Library)
Ian Middleton “Whirrloop” Aural Spaces LP (Swill Radio)
(Talk break)
Tiger Hatchery with Paul Flaherty “Morning Light” Live In New Haven LP (Ergot)
West Hill Blast Quartet “Track 2” Live At Café Oto CD-R (Foolproof Projects)

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