FFFoxy Podcast #66: Crisis of Taste feature


It’s been a hectic past couple of weeks around the FFF bunker, but we’re happy to finally bring you a new installment of the podcast. We have a special show put together for you this time around, a feature on Crisis of Taste, a superb new “independent publisher/distributor of generally unclassifiable music, print, etc.” that shares a lot of overlapping interests with us here at Free Form Freakout. Crisis of Taste is run by Thomas DeAngelo out of Philadelphia and grew out of his previous work with his print zine, Put the Music in its Coffin. The critical writing element of that project continues on with his insightful reviews of all the music he carries through Crisis of Taste. DeAngelo has also begun to interact with and critique modern composition and sounds through his own solo recordings as T.D. that are starting to surface on labels such as Kye and Vitrine, not to mention his finely curated podcast series called Difficult Listening Made Easy. On this episode, we talk with Thomas about these various endeavors that he’s involved in. He also put together a great selection of tracks for us to play throughout the show that informs his work with Crisis of Taste and his solo output, along with some forthcoming and unreleased material from like-minded friends and associates. Check out the Crisis of Taste blog for more information, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Hope you enjoy this episode. (Photo credit: Nicholas DiCicco)

Lars-Gunnar Bodin “Cadenza III” Semikolon (Paradigm Discs, 2013; Sveriges Radio, 1966)
Moolah “Mirror’s” Woe Ye Demons Possessed (Atman Music & Recordings, 1974)
Slugfuckers “Tell Me Who You Are” (live) Cacophony (Harbinger Sound, 2007)
(Interview segment with Thomas DeAngelo)
Church Shuttle “Deals 9V” (excerpt) Big Bear Lodge (Mildred Tapes & Garbage, 2015)
No Artist “untitled” (side B excerpt) Masochism (Vitrine, forthcoming)
Blue Chemise “I Don’t Want To” (unreleased, 2015)
Matt Haggerty “untitled” (unreleased, 2015)
Purple Circles “December 9th, 2011-Under the Canopy…” Gender Summit (tent. title) (Korea Undok Group, forthcoming)
(Interview segment with Thomas DeAngelo)
Vanity of the Tongue “Perverts” (unreleased, 2013)
Remnants “untitled” (Crisis of Taste, forthcoming)
Idea Fire Company “The Happiness Hunters” (excerpt) The Synthetic Elements (Crisis of Taste, forthcoming)
(Interview segment with Thomas DeAngelo)
Magma “Om Zanka” Inédits (Tapioca, 1977)
Trevor Wishart “Part I” (side A excerpt) Red Bird (York, 1978)
John Hudak “untitled” (side A excerpt) Tick Tock (Banned Production, 1997)
Ferial Confine “Part 6” The Full Use of Nothing (Fusetron, 1999; no label 1985)
T.D. “W & P I” (unreleased, 2015)
(Interview segment with Thomas DeAngelo)
Ivan Wyschnegradsky “Étude Sur Les Mouvements Rotatoires, Opus 45” Vierteltonmusik • Quarter Tone Music • Musique À Quart De Ton (Edition Block, 1983)

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