FFFoxy Podcast #65


Since the last podcast show, things have changed over dramatically from Summer to Autumn here in Minnesota with some refreshingly cool and absolutely beautiful days of late. It’s my favorite time of year, so I welcome the change. It has also been refreshing spending the last couple of weeks assembling the music for this latest installment of the show. There is some definite year-end favorite type work in this playlist, but I hate to start stoking those flames when it’s only the second week of September. In particular, I had a lot of great new tapes to sift through this time around, including captivating new sounds from Roan Linden, Peter Kris, Ross Manning, Stephen Cornford, Blaine Todd and more. I’ll have to say, though, that one of the tapes that I was most anxiously waiting to hear was the new double cassette compilation called Magnetic Devices that Imminent Frequencies just released. Fortunately, it arrived mere hours before I pressed record, so I was able to give it a solid listen, and it delivers in every way, especially the lengthy Darksmith track that is included in the final set. I’ve also been trying to wrap my head around another compilation, the latest offering from Kye, called Nice Weather For War. A truly adventurous collection, even by Kye standards, of mostly non-music and assorted audio verité. I’ve found Blue Chemise’s contribution to be the one track I’m returning to most often on this one with it’s slightly sinister electronic sighs and misfired signals. Unfortunately, I tripped up on the Shots name while staring down the mic and fumbling through the compilation roster during the first talk break, incorrectly referring to them as the Knots, so my apologies go out to the band. The new Russell Walker & Dan Melchior LP and the recent archival Pumice LP have also been getting some good turntable workouts during this past week. Both albums branch out in various directions sonically, but they still hold up as really solid listening experiences. There are plenty of other notable releases featured throughout, including some worthwhile reissue material for your consideration, but I’ll let you dive in and give it a listen. I hope you enjoy this episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Roan Linden “Interactive Personality” Commercial Investments CS (Golden Cloud)
Peter Kris “Removal” Rim of the World CS (Spring Break Tapes)
Russell Walker & Dan Melchior “Match Me Sidney” In Durham LP (Kill Shaman)
Blue Chemise “Faithful In Everything” (excerpt) Nice Weather For War CD (Kye)
Ross Manning “Pipes Octospheric” Delicate Shades of Hell CS (Greedy Ventilator)
Stephen Cornford “(Plastic) 12’44”” Empty Reels CS (Vitrine)
(Talk break)
Dredd Foole “Behind You” In Quest Of Tense CD (Forced Exposure)
Myriam Gendron “The Last Question” Not So Deep As A Well LP (Feeding Tube)
Be My Delay “Dive Within” Company Divine CS (Kitchen Leg)
Adamennon “Pralaya” Turiya (split w/ Altaj) LP (Boring Machines)
Ascendente “Angel Tsunami” S/T CS (Black Horizons)
Sapat “Dark Silver” Mortise and Tenon CD (Siltbreeze)
Alineación “Chistilishche” S/T CS (self-released)
(Talk break)
Blaine Todd “Courage” Dillingham CS* (Full Spectrum/Editions Littlefield)
Laughing Eye Weeping Eye “Sunday Lake” Once Was You CS (Moon Glyph)
Rick Weaver “The Living Stereo” split w/ Spiritual Recess CS (self-released)
Pumice “Llarma Mark” Poise, Etc. LP (Planam)
Kraus “Dear Giulietta” I Could Destroy You With A Single Thought CD-R (self-released)
Darksmith “What It Says” Magnetic Devices 2xCS (Imminent Frequencies)
Bruce Lacey “Ancient Forces 1 & 3” The Spacey Bruce Lacey: Film Music and Improvisations CD (Trunk)
(Talk break)
Ex You “V” Whatknow CS (Small Scale Music)

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