FFFoxy Podcast #64: Cabin Floor Esoterica feature


Started in 2009 by Jordan Spencer, Cabin Floor Esoterica has slowly assembled an impressive catalog filled with works that tend to focus on more rustic avant folk, psych, and noise-leaning sounds befitting of the label’s name. Likewise, the label has focused on creating unique, hand-assembled packaging for its releases, with each cassette coming with additional texts and other assorted ephemera like rusted screws and dried leaves. Spencer has also put out his own music on the label and others under various names such as White Fir and R. Franklin over the years. On this episode, we be spoke with Jordan about both running the label and about his own music. You also get a chance to hear a bunch of music from the label, including some forthcoming material from releases due out in the months ahead. Check out the links below to find out more information and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Hope you enjoy this episode.

Big Blood “Men Were Lions” Night Terrors On the Isle of Louis Hardin CS (CFE#18)
Hala Strana “Pogonishtë” Hala Strana Boxset 5xCS (CFE#25)
Wes Tirey “Old Ohio Blues” Journey/Forward, Melancholy Dream CS (CFE#54)
(Interview segment with Jordan Spencer)
øjeRum excerpt from He Remembers There Were Gardens CS (CFE#53)
Bear Bones, Lay Low “Reversed Dream” Basement Surge CS (CFE#33)
Shep & Me “I Can’t Help Myself” Spring Creeper CS (CFE#34)
Matt LaJoie “Lotta Bottle” Unlifted CS (CFE#45)
(Interview segment with Jordan Spencer)
Tashi Dorji “April Woods Are Red” TBA compilation 7” lathe (*forthcoming CFE#10)
Adam Cadell “Praise Song for the Yaa Naa at the Summit of Mt. Coot-Tha” Street Music Vol. 1 CS (*forthcoming CFE#56)
The Knot “Rustic Pantina” Tidewrack CS (*forthcoming CFE#57)
(Interview segment with Jordan Spencer)
White Fir “Love to Tony Allen…” Lake Seeds/Pale Smoke Laid Low 4xCS (CFE#55)
If Only They “Side A” (except) If Only They CS (CFE#48)

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