FFFoxy Podcast #61


Had to sweat it out a bit in the sauna-like studio to bring you this episode of the podcast. It felt sort of cleansing though to work through these conditions in order to share a large batch of amazing music that has been occupying every spare minute and every playback device I’ve had access to over the past three weeks. Of the new music in the bunch, I can’t say enough good things about the jangly guitar pop of Human Music, the micro-textural sound environments of crys cole, the zoned-out loner moves of Syko Friend, the otherworldly instrumentals of The Garment District, and the multi-genre behemoth of a compilation from Metaphysical Circuits. There are also a few reissue/archival releases scattered throughout that I’d encourage you to set aside your coffee/beer/drug money for a change and purchase these right away. I’m talking about the bizarro antics of the It’s War Boys-affiliated Amos & Crew, the all-over-the-map DIY brilliance of Pig Rider, and the not-so-loner folk sounds of Joshua Burkett. Trust me, you’ll be much better off having these albums in your life. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Hope you enjoy this episode.

Human Music “Mtn Climb” Sup CD (Sundowning)
The Fingers “Labour” Pass Me the Salt, Will You? CS (Kitchen Leg)
Growth Program “Paycheck to Paycheck” Renzo Musik CS (All Gone)
Amos & Crew “Urban Masterpieces” True Tears LP (War Extension)
BBJr. “Either Way It’s Cherry Bomb” The History of Western Music CD (Nova Labs)
The Nihilist Spasm Band “Dog Face Man” No Record CD (Lion Productions)
crys cole “Layna” Sand/Layna LP (Black Truffle)
(Talk break)
Sam Gas Can “I Don’t Want To Die On King St.” 400/100 3CS (Metaphysical Circuits)
Michael Henning & Philip Ringler “Eleuthro” Supplemental Dimensions CS (Golden Cloud Tapes)
Dragontime “Matty Groves Part 2” S/T CS (Inner Islands)
Syko Friend “Big Talk” Problem Child LP (Mind Rider)
Uranium Orchard “Gethsemane” Lithophane Geisha LP (Caesar Cuts)
Pig Rider “Ralph the Poisoned Ferret” The Robinson Scratch Theory 2LP (Guerssen)
Pelktopia “Murmuration of Light” Noosphertilizer III (w/ STRNGLV) CS (Aubjects)
(Talk break)
Anla Courtis “Teryrupnuu” B-Rain Folklore CD* (Yogoh)
Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band “Soon After The Beginning” One CD (Paradigm Discs)
Joshua Burkett “Look Floating” Gold Cosmos LP (Feeding Tube)
The Lentils “The Wrong Song” My Pillow Lava Part One: My Deaf Son 12” (Feeding Tube)
The Garment District “Meeting of the Dark Sky Association” Luminous Toxin CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions)
Philippe Petit “Yourselfosophy” Multicoloured Shadows CD (Aagoo)
(Talk break)
Holly Waxwing “Vibe” Peach Wink CS (Noumenal Loom)
Sloom “Night Drive” Sloom’s Mix Tape #1 CS (Power Moves Label)
Sunny Dunes “Brunssummerheide” (excerpt) Emmastaete CS (Cave Recordings)

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