FFFoxy Podcast #57: In-studio session with Kyle Fosburgh & Christoph Bruhn of Grass-Tops Recording


On this episode of the FFFoxy Podcast, we were joined in the studio by a couple of talented young guitarists from the Twin Cities, Kyle Fosburgh and Christoph Bruhn, who are also behind the Grass-Tops Recording label. Started in 2012 by Fosburgh, Grass-Tops has reissued works from well-regarded artists like Robbie Basho, along with lesser known American Primitive-style players like Dennis Taylor. The label’s catalog also features a number of contemporary players, Fosburgh and Bruhn among them, that are tapping into the inventive Guitar Soli tradition forged by Basho.

Kyle and Christoph recently stopped by the KMSU studios to perform solo live sets and to chat a bit about the work that they are doing with Grass-Tops and about the house concert tour they were heading out on. Visit the Grass-Tops Recording website for more information or feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or comments. Hope you enjoy this episode.

Kyle Fosburgh “Why Is It This Way – It’s Going to Be This Way” The Traveler’s Journey CD (Grass Tops)
Kyle Fosburgh “Let’s Go” The Traveler’s Journey CD (Grass Tops)
Christoph Bruhn “Das Kelylied” Weekends on the Frontiers CD (Grass Tops)
Kyle Fosburgh live session: “Thoroughbred”, “Fruit of the Vine”, “Delia”, & “In this Place, San Francisco”
Christoph Bruhn live session: “Dark Purple Landscapes”, “Proclamation”, “Rocking Chair Waltz”, & “Dark As A Dungeon”
(Interview segment with Kyle & Christoph)
Robbie Basho “Blue Crystal Fire” Visions of the Country CD (Grass Tops)
(Interview segment with Kyle & Christoph)
Dennis Taylor “Bicycle Town” Dayspring CD (Grass Tops)
(Interview segment with Kyle & Christoph)
Robbie Basho “Green River Suite” Visions of the Country CD (Grass Tops)
(Talk break)
White Reeves “Escape From Guitarman” Who Is Guitarman? CS (White Reeves Productions)
Peter Kris “Levee Camp” Nunavut CS (Tymbal Tapes)
Jac Berrocal/Pascal Comelade/Pierre Bastien “Ritmos Del Fedayin” Fatal Encounters CD (Megaphone)
Asmus Tietchens “Lichterwald” Nachtstücke LP (Bureau B)
Villages “Out of the Mines” Procession Acts LP (Bathetic)
Sparkling Wide Pressure “Wrapped in a Blanket” Clouds & Stairs LP (No Kings)
Tashi Dorji “Realms On High” Appa LP (Bathetic)
The Master Musicians of Joujouka “Side B” (excerpt) Into the Ahl Srif LP (Ergot)

3 thoughts on “FFFoxy Podcast #57: In-studio session with Kyle Fosburgh & Christoph Bruhn of Grass-Tops Recording

  1. The podcast never disappoints, but this brings something unknown to me….being a big fan of early Windham Hill (and therefore Basho) not sure how I missed this stuff before…but thanks for bringing it to the people!

    • Glad to hear that you enjoyed this one. Yeah, I had heard plenty of Basho’s material but not anything from those Windhill Hill albums either, which are quite remarkable. I’ve recently stumbled upon some nice copies of early WH in the bargain bin. Can’t go wrong for $2-3 on those.

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