FFFoxy Podcast #56: Matthew De Gennaro in-studio session

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For this episode of the podcast, it was a real pleasure to have Matthew De Gennaro join us at KMSU studios to perform a live set, to chat a bit about his music, and to spin a few rarities, including some assorted 78’s (a FFF first!) from his personal collection. We caught on to Matthew’s music through his output on the Last Visible Dog label a good decade ago, but he has actually been releasing material dating back to the late 90’s where he collaborated frequently with New Zealand-based artist Alastair Galbraith on a series of sound installation recordings. De Gennaro has gone on to investigate various forms of folk music through his solo output, creating an exceptional body of work that is highly personalized yet unassuming. His most recent releases on Soft Abuse, Chuang Tzu Motherfucker and Old Jack Somebody, are amongst his strongest efforts to date. You can track down these releases and other older titles by Matthew De Gennaro over on the Soft Abuse website. During the last 30 minutes or so of the show, you’ll also hear some mostly newer selections that we chose to round things out with. Hope you enjoy this episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for checking in with us.

Matthew De Gennaro “Sick Payador At Your Door” Old Jack Somebody CS (Soft Abuse)
Matthew De Gennaro “Leith Valley Blues” Humbled Down CD (Last Visible Dog)
Matthew De Gennaro “Forty (For Pip Proud)” Chuang Tzu Motherfucker LP (Soft Abuse)
Matthew De Gennaro & Stefan Neville “While You Have Gone To Bone…” (excerpt) Women CS (self-released)
***Matthew De Gennaro live in KMSU studios***
(Talk break with MDG)
Matthew De Gennaro & Alastair Galbraith “Untitled” (excerpt) Two Wires Violin Loop CD-R (Epigonic Recordings)
Matthew De Gennaro & Scott Tuma “A Short Ride” Unreleased
Matthew De Gennaro “Tatranky” Doings (Recorded Music) CD-R (Epigonic Recordings)
(Talk break with MDG)
Alberto Ruiz y su Lina Incaica “Cacharpayita-Huayñito” 78rpm (Victor)
C. Mokoko “Klim Abikisi Mwana” 78rpm (Ngoma)
Jack Armstrong “Northumbrian Pipe Solos: Medley Part 1” 78rpm (His Master’s Voice)
Mr. T Chowdiah, Mysore “Dinamani Vamsa, Pt.1 (Harikambhoji)” 78rpm (Columbia)
Andres Chazarreta “Zamba De Vargas” 78rpm (Odeon)
(Talk break with MDG)
Zone Demersale “Politica Fondale” Motore Primo 12″ (Boring Machines)
Vladimir Ussachevsky “Linear Contrasts” Son Nova 1988 Electronic Music LP (Son Nova)
Dan Melchoir “A Story” All At Sea LP (NO=FI Recordings)
German Army “Clan Bridge” In Transit CD (Dub Ditch Picnic)
Corder Ritger Yantis “Mirror Bound” Possession CD-R (Flaming Pines)
Lost Wax “Home, Exhuming A Shed” The Poacher CD-R (Chocolate Monk)

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