FFFoxy Podcast #40


It took some extra time to put together a playlist I felt comfortable with for this episode of the podcast as there were so many excellent new releases and tracks to comb through. In fact, many of my favorite artists are included here on this show. On the cassette front, though, I can’t say enough good things about the new Half High and Nagual & Carl Mitchell releases. Both feature impeccable artwork and packaging, and they contain some heavy, deep listening, side-long pieces. The new Charles Barabé and Lake Mary tapes also fall quite solidly into those categories, too. On wax, the new Matt Krefting and M. Sage full-length albums will likely go down as two of my FFFavorites of the year. Both have a way of arranging various found sounds and acoustic instrumentation to hauntingly beautiful ends. Troy Schafer, however, pushes this approach even further with a new 7″ on Signal Dreams that straight-up floored me when I first heard it. It was obvious from his Evening Song Awaken CD-R on Recital from a few years ago that this guy had instrumental chops and a knack for composing, but this new single is an entirely different beast altogether. I could go on-and-on about this release, and all the others for that matter, but for now I’ll simply encourage you to give FFFoxy Podcast #40 a listen and see what you think. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Half High “Calling Nina – Part 2” (excerpt) Calling Nina CS (Eiderdown)
Tobacconists “Pillow Talk” A Secret Place LP (A Giant Fern/Fabrica)
Dome “Cruel When Complete” Dome 1 + 2 CD (The Grey Area)
Troy Schafer “Side A” Untitled No. 1 7” (Signal Dreams)
Graham Lambkin “Horse Play” (excerpt) Swan Song CS (Kye)
Matt Krefting “Mania” Lymph Est LP (Kye)
Nagual & Carl Mitchell “Improvisation II” (excerpt) Improvisations I & II CS (Cabin Floor Esoterica)
(Talk break)
Dub Rifles “Delicate Action” No Town No Country CD (Sundowning)
Mean Tikes “Science (Planet Caravan Mix)” I’ll Hang With God, but Not Today compilation MP3 (Dub Ditch Picnic)
The Miami Dolphins “Free Way” Becky CD (FPE Records)
Lime Works “Woozy & Weezy” Mild Infection CS* (Albert’s Basement)
Golden Calves “Mod Bacteria (For Fred Neil)” Money Band LP + Century Band 12” (Woodsist)
Russell Hoke “Ellen, See the World” Haunted Brain LP (Unheard-Of)
Lake Mary “It’s In the Letting Go” There Are Always Second Chances In the Mountains CS (Planted Tapes)
(Talk break)
M. Sage “Three Bashful Stallions” A Singular Continent 2LP (Patient Sounds)
Aaron Dilloway “Stunt 2” Medicine Stunts CS (Hanson)
Submissions “Sunken” II CS (Skrot Up)
Roofer’s Nest “Interzone” De-escalate CS (Power Moves Label)
Ki Oni “Night Clouds” Autumn, In Reel Time CS (Inner Islands)
G.S. Sultan “vc_translate pt. 4” intermediate mv. (demonstration) CS (Nada)
Charles Barabé “Adieu Fantôme – Side A” (excerpt) Adieu Fantôme CS (Cave Recordings)
BC Grimm “Cogitation No. 2 for Hammered Guzheng” The Ideating Knell CD-R (Signal Dreams)
(Talk break)
Jandek “Fantasy Four” (excerpt) Ghost Passing 6CD (Corwood Industries)

4 thoughts on “FFFoxy Podcast #40

  1. Hey man – just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your podcast. Incredible music. Fantastic stuff. I especially enjoyed Lake Mary. Wow! I also have a podcast at the above link. Check it out if you like.
    Jeff in Canada

  2. Thanks for listening. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the music. Don’t see any link to your podcast listed here, but feel free to pass along that information through e-mail.

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