FFFoxy Podcast #36

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Lots of great new music to sift through on this episode of the FFFoxy Podcast. We have been especially loving the latest albums from Jackie McDowell (who formerly recorded under the name Inez Lightfoot) and Armure, along with recent releases from the House of Alchemy, Crash Symbols, and FET Press labels. FET Press, working together with the great Desire Path Recordings imprint, will be unleashing an ambitious project entitled Line Drawings in the weeks ahead that features some of our favorites, including Nathan McLaughlin and Cody Yantis whose work appeared on this episode. We’re looking forward to playing material from that one. We also broke out a few old gems in the form of Moolah, Tart, and Roy Montgomery’s terrific collection 324 E. 13th Street #7, which was just reissued on vinyl in a expanded edition with new artwork and liners on Liz Harris’s Yellow Electric imprint. Hope you enjoy this episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Jackie McDowell “Apogee and Perigee” Baptisia LP (Hairy Spider Legs)
American Cream “Don’t Buy It” Nathan 2LP (Old Blackberry Way)
Roy Montgomery “Something Else Again” 324 E. 13th Street #7 CD (Drunken Fish)
Nick Castell “Per Mare, Per Ecclesiam” The Water Margin CS (Scissor Tail Editions)
Saguache “Sky Island” Sky Island 7” lathe/DVD (FET Press)
High On Dracula “Side B” (excerpt) S/T CS (House of Alchemy)
Men of Science “Remedial” Antiseptic CS (Lighten Up Sounds)
(Talk break)
Armure “I Think I Shouldn’t Stay” S/T (SDZ Records)
q///q “Inuit Nature” Azores Azul CS (Skrot Up)
Carey “Spiritual Labor” VI CS (Crash Symbols)
Moolah “Crystal Waters” Woe Ye Demons Possessed LP (Atman Music & Recordings)
Michael O “Face the Facts” Face the Facts 7” EP (Fruits & Flowers)
Death Rattle “Track 1” Death Rattle CS (House of Alchemy)
Les Halles “Elsewhere Is A Negative Mirror” Invisible Cities CS (Constellation Tatsu)
(Talk break)
Tabernacle “Side B” (excerpt) Language of the Police CS (Tabernacle Tapes)
Mark Ge “The Boring Life of Mr. Rabbit” New Hallucinations MP3 (Bandcamp)
The Vickers “I Don’t Know What It Is” Ghosts LP/CS (Black Candy/Crash Symbols)
Alvarius B “Saz Nicotine” If You Don’ t Like It . . . Don’t! LP (Three Lobed Recordings)
Nathan McLaughlin “Side A” Karen Abstractions 7” lathe (FET Press)
Tart “Radio Orange” Radio Orange LP (Swill Radio)
Flower Man “Once Lost Unknown” split w/ Seth Graham CS (Orange Milk)
(Talk break)
Nicholas Szczepanik “Not Knowing” (excerpt) Not Knowing CD (Desire Path Recordings)

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