FFFoxy Podcast #33


On this episode of the FFFoxy Podcast, we were thrilled to be able to share a bunch of wild sounds from artists and labels both new and old to us. We’ve been especially loving the latest full-lengths from Anne Guthrie (whom we mistakenly refer to as Mary for some odd reason during the show, sorry!!) and Matthew P. Hopkins, both getting heavy play in the FFF bunker of late. The Hopkins album came out on Vittelli Recordings which, along with their London Sound Survey LP, has certainly piqued our interest as to their next moves. The same could be said for Signal Dreams and Sleepy Cobalt Sound – a couple of other newish imprints that are off to a solid start. We hope you enjoy this episode. Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Anne Guthrie “Strongly Leaning With Irregular Crown” Codiaeum Variegatum LP* (Students of Decay)
London Sound Survey “Pearly Kings and Queens” These Are the Good Times LP (Vittelli)
Ferial Confine “Melwood Dialogue” Meiosis CD (Siren)
Good Area “Bad Karlshafen” Cubic Zirconia b/w Bad Karlshafen 7” (Kye)
Jaap Blonk “Reading Light (for Raoul Hausmann)” Songs of Little Sleep CS (Sleepy Cobalt Sound)
Mike Cooper “Noctiluca” New Globe Notes LP* (NO=FI Recordings)
Matthew P. Hopkins “Nocturne 1” Nocturnes LP (Vittelli)
Noxroy “Calculus Almond” Anverloss CD-R (Signal Dreams)
Silk Dune “Sweeping the Round Window” Systemic Crevice CS (Sleepy Cobalt Sound)
Wondertaker “Aging Backward” S/T CS (vwyrd wurd)
German Army “Misogyny” T’rung CS (Lighten Up Sounds)
Marcus Rubio “Duet For Contact Mic & Practice Amp Movement 1” Music for Microphones CD (Copy For Your Records)
Pye Corner Audio “Dystopian Vector Part One” Black Mill Tapes Volumes 1-4 3CD (Type)
Emaciator “Side B” (excerpt) Finality and Contradiction CS (Imminent Frequencies)
No Balls “Not Even” I’m So Happy I Can Die CS (Drid Machine)
Swamp Horse “untitled” split w/ Husere Grav CS (Existential Cloth Recordings)
Insects Waiting “Nonsense Code A” (excerpt) Nonsense Codes, Vol. 1 CS (Tape Drift)
Gang Wizard “Ugly American” Important Picnic LP* (Mie)
Scrabble “Track 7” S/T CD-R (Breakdance the Dawn)
Blank Realm “Baby Closes The Door” Grassed Inn LP (Fire)
Ghost to Falco “The Rude Awake” Soft Shield LP (Infinite Front)
Flowery Dreamcatcher “Side A” (excerpt) Hen to Pan CS (Cave Recordings)
Talk West “Set Adrift” Black Coral Sprig CD* (Preservation)
Seth Kasselman “First Performance” (excerpt) Mmediate Rolls CS (UR Sounds)

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