FFFoxy Podcast #32 with David Keenan


On this episode of the FFFoxy Podcast, we aired our interview that we conducted with music writer David Keenan from this past Fall when he was in Minneapolis covering the Jandek performance for The Wire magazine. This was a concert that our station KMSU had a hand in organizing, and David’s excellent world exclusive face-to-face interview with Jandek (aka Sterling Smith) to come out of this has now, of course, been published in The Wire, with the second installment due out in this next month’s edition. We sat down with David at the Hard Times Café on the morning after the Jandek show to discuss his work as a writer and his work with Volcanic Tongue, the Glasgow-based record store and mailorder outlet that he runs with his wife & partner Heather Leigh. We also discussed various aspects of underground music and culture. In addition to this, David later picked out a selection of tracks from some of his favorite artists to be included throughout the show. We never did discuss Jandek on that morning as we figured his feature article would undoubtedly be the definitive piece on Jandek’s work to date. But David did include the Jandek track “I Knew You Would Leave” from his album Six and Six, which both he and Sterling cite in that Wire interview as being “the Jandek masterpiece”. Our interview audio includes plenty of additional background music and atmospheric cafe bustle to boot. The photo above of George Lyle (left) and David Keenan (right) was taken by Heather Leigh.

Richard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith “Song For The Spanish Anarchists” from Ceaucescu
Jandek “I Knew You Would Leave” from Six and Six
*Interview segment with David Keenan
Fushitsusha “Untitled (Track #4)” from Double Live
*Interview segment with David Keenan
James Ferraro “Memory Theater” (excerpt) from Marble Surf
Mad Nanna “My Two Kids” from “My Two Kids” b/w “I’m Not Coming Here” single
*Interview segment with David Keenan
Throbbing Gristle “Zyklon B Zombie” from The Second Annual Report
Whitehouse “Cruise (Force The Truth)” from Cruise
*Interview segment with David Keenan
Arthur Doyle “Nature Boy” from Plays More Alabama Feeling
DJ Screw/Street Military “Dead In A Year” from 3 ‘N the Morning Part One
*Interview segment with David Keenan
Lou Reed “I Wanna Boogie With You” from The Bells

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