FFFoxy Podcast #107

Like the last episode of the podcast, I have LOTS of great new releases to play for you this time around, many again on vinyl. Glancing at the playlist, it seems like the Southern Hemisphere is well-represented, especially in the first half of the show, with strong new efforts from F ingers, Blue Chemise, crys cole & Oren Ambarchi, Arek Gulbenkoglu, and Caroline No. But, heck, there’s loads of other great titles scattered throughout that emanate from all over the uppermost portion of this great orb we all, at least temporarily, call home to as well. These include fantastic new outings from Neutral and Enhet För Fri Musik out of Sweden, C.I.A. Debutante out of France, and Neil Campbell & Richard Youngs and Bons out of the U.K., not to mention a couple of reissues of some highly sought after Krautrock obscurities from German Oak and Zweistein. In short, I’m pretty enthusiastic about all of the material covered on this episode, so I hope you discover something worthwhile in this one, too. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. As always, thanks for looking and listening.

F ingers “All Rolled Up” Awkwardly Blissing Out LP (Blackest Ever Black)
C.I.A. Debutante “I Heard They Paint Houses” We Will Play For Spirits 2xCS (Crudités)
Neil Campbell & Richard Youngs “Surprise Warfare” Six Scores LP (Shaking Box)
Fabio Fabor “Postdoctoral” Infini LP (Omni/Roundtable)
Blue Chemise “The Music Lesson” b/w “Watcher at the Window” 7” (I Dischi Del Barone)
crys cole & Oren Ambarchi “Burrata” Hotel Record 2LP (Black Truffle)
Arek Gulbenkoglu “Side A” (excerpt) Three Days Afterwards LP (Penultimate Press)
(Talk break)
Caroline No “Somebody’s Gonna Notice” No Language LP (Students of Decay)
The Monochrome Set “The Great Barrier Riff” Eligible Bachelors CD (Cherry Red)
German Oak “Ghost Guitar” Down in the Bunker 3CD (Now-Again)
David Maranha “Side A” (excerpt) Cai-Bem LP (Tanuki)
Macho Blush “Trust Brazil” Moodshow CS (Heavy Mess)
Zweistein “Point” (excerpt) Trip | Flip Out |Meditation 3CD (Captain Trip)
(Talk break)
Neutral “Du” NÄR LP (Omlott)
Family Buckets “Radio Silence” English Primitive CD-R (self-released)
German Army “Aksumite” Pacific Plastic CS (Seagrave)
Rigel Magellan “Slumber City” Mellow Pears CS (OJC Recordings)
Enhet För Fri Musik “När Ska Min Själ Finna Ro” Det Finns Ett Hjärta Som För Dig LP (Omlott)
Avarus “Mars On Paljastanut Salaisuutensa” Ruskeatimantti 2CD (Tumult)
Bons “All As and No Ack” Gras H’utsi LP (Spillage Fete Records)
Ten “FB” + “CA” Yukon Youth CD (Ten Records)
(Talk break)
Tom James Scott “On Earth Ocean Bellows” Nocturnes CS (Skire)
Joe McPhee “Scorpio’s Dance” Nation Time – The Complete Recordings 4CD (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

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