FFFoxy Podcast #100: øjeRum feature

I put together a special show for you to mark this 100th installment of the FFFoxy Podcast. In the first hour I chat with Paw Grabowski, the Danish minimalist and collagist that produces work under the name, øjeRum. I have admired his output for the past few years and was fortunate enough to get to work with him through our in-house label, Round Bale Recordings, on his latest full-length called Skygge. Whether composing long-form ambient pieces or more nocturnal folk melodies, there is a very clear and cohesive vision to all of øjeRum’s material. I talk with Paw about both his music and his unique collage art, and I play a sampling of the varied styles from throughout the øjeRum catalog. Then, in the second half, Paw put together a terrific, continuous mix of music from some of the contemporary artists and works that he is quite fond of, which I decided to let play out uninterrupted for the duration of the show. I hope you enjoy this new episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. As always, thanks for looking and listening.

øjeRum “Part III” Træerne & Intetheden III-IV (Champion Version)
øjeRum “tâge” Væv (Eilean)
(Interview segment with Paw Grabowski)
øjeRum “Ormene Ved Himlens Port” Fraværsminder (Phinery)
øjeRum “Hvid Organisme” Sne (Phinery)
(Interview segment with Paw Grabowski)
øjeRum “Part II” (excerpt) When Birds Fly, The Eyes of Heaven Can Rest (Aurora Borealis)
øjeRum “Skygge II” (excerpt) Skygge (Round Bale Recordings)
(Interview segment with Paw Grabowski)
øjeRum FFF mix (tracklist):
Caleb Caudell  “Movement I” Disciple of Nihilism (Auris Apothecary)
Księżyc “Mijana” Księżyc (Penultimate Press)
Af Ursin ‎”Bitter Suite” Murrille (La Scie Dorée)
Preston Ari Swirnoff ‎”Maariv 3 (For Electric Guitar)” Maariv: Four Pieces Of Electroacoustic Music (Last Visible Dog)
Graham Lambkin ‎”Untitled 1″ Softly Softly Copy Copy (Kye)
Biosphere ‎”Sphere Of No-Form” Substrata (Origo Sound)
John Hudak ‎”Room With Sky” Room With Sky (Chaba Recordings/Spekk)
Isolde “Junior And Infant At The Gate” On Waving And Drowning (Penny Poppet)
Akira Rabelais ‎”The Little Glass V” The Little Glass (self-released)
Mirror ‎”Part 1″ Still Valley (Die Stadt)
Alog ‎”The Sun Is Where The Clouds Should Be” Red Shift Swing (Rune Grammofon)
Giuseppe Ielasi ‎”Untitled 1″ Gesine (Häpna)
Thomas Köner ‎”Tu, Sempre” Zyklop (Mille Plateaux) ‎
Elodie “Eglise Saint Merri” Eglise Saint Merri (self-released)
Of ‎”Trail Of Hornfel” Rocks Will Open (Digitalis Recordings)
Chubby Wolf ‎”On Burnt, Gauzed Wings” Ornitheology (Digitalis Limited)
Erik Griswold ‎”Wallpaper Music 1″ Wallpaper Music 1 (Room40)
Slow Listener ‎”Bruise Journal” Bruise Journal (First Person)

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