FFF’s Blackened Disco mix


Free Form Freakout was recently asked to put together a mix for the Blackened Disco website based out of Russia. We took a quick glance through the previous contributors, some of much are massive favorites of ours, so we figured we would give it a go. The mix that we came up with gets at the heart of what the FFFoxy Podcast is all about (in one way or another). Give it a listen below:

Pumice “Pumiceraft”
The Shadow Ring “City Lights”
The Lost Domain “Death Dances”
Sean McCann “Scapula”
Giacinto Scelsi “Duo For Violin and Cello”
Flaming Tunes “Restless Mind”
Storm Bugs “Let’s See What Happens If We Try Doing This” ++
Black Dirt Oak “Freak Fang”
Bob James Trio “Wolfman”
M. Zalla (a.k.a. Piero Umiliani) “Attivita”
Panabrite “Vox Continuum”
San Agustin with Suzanne Langille “Only When You Sleep”
Jakob Olausson “Cornered In Your Circle”
The Satanic Rockers “Rat versus Boredom”
Super Minerals “Beth”
Pauline Oliveros “Bottoms Up 1” (excerpt)

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