FFFreakout #562-567

Here’s what has been happening on the weekly Free Form Freakout show for the past month. Yes, despite our best intentions, we’ve once again fallen behind on posting these playlists. In this span of time, though, David caught Julian Koster’s live performance of The Orbiting Human Circus, and Carl saw Alice Cooper perform here locally. We talked up the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers album, and we played some notable new music by the likes of Nicole Mitchell, TALsounds, Rangers, and Thundercat. Plus, we’re now starting to settle into our summertime routines, which means you’ll likely hear the occasional solo edition of the show over the next three months. The collage artwork included in this post was provided by the Danish artist, øjeRum. This week Round Bale Recordings, David’s small label, will be putting out a new release by øjeRum called Skygge. The image above was a part of a series of collages that would eventually form the artwork for the 6-panel CD digipak. You can view more of these images in this video preview for the release below. Thanks to Tim Lind of KMSU’s Shuffle Function for the video editing assist.

FFFreakout #567 (Aired on 6/15/17):
The Bats “Never Said Goodbye” from The Law of Things
Godz “Radar Eyes” from Godz 2
Brainticket “Black Sand” from S/T
Fairport Convention “Matty Groves” from Liege & Lief
Richard & Linda Thompson ” Streets of Paradise” from Pour Down Like Silver
Fra Lippo Lippi “Quiet” from In Silence
Voight/465 “State” from Slights Still Unspoken
Theoretical Girls “U.S. Millie” from Singles: The Great New York Singles Scene
Crown Larks “Lithops Life” from Population
TALsounds “Disgrace” from Love Sick
Nicole Mitchell “Forestwall Timewalk” from Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds
Mathieu Serruys “Interlacing Rivers and Plains” from On Germaine Dulac
Cavern of Anti-Matter “Blowing My Nose Under Close Observation” from Void Beats…
Colin Potter “Fassed” from The Ghost Office
The 49 Americans “Glimpse Go By” from We Know Nonsense
Air “La Femme D’Argent” (excerpt) from Moon Safari

FFFreakout #566 (Aired on 6/8/17):
Rupture “Mes Histories Bleues” from Israel Suite/Dominante En Bleu
Yves Tumor “The Feeling When You Walk Away” from Serpent Music
Russian Tsarlag “Northern Lights” from Gel Stations Past
Jim Haynes “Electric Speech: Nadiya” (excerpt) from Flammable Materials from Foreign Lands
Cocteau Twins “Sugar Hiccup” from Lullabies to Violaine Vol. I
John Fahey “The Yellow Princess” from The Yellow Princess
June Panic “Firewood” from Songs from Purgatory
Lower Plenty “White Walls” from Hard Rubbish
Can “Halleluwah” (edit) from The Singles
Supergrass “Kiss of Life” from Supergrass is 10: The Best of 94-04
Talking Heads “Cross-eyed and Painless” from Remain In Light
Alice Cooper “Desperado” from Mascara & Monsters: The Best of Alice Cooper
The Candy Skins “Submarine Song” from Space I’m In
Cast “Alright” from All Change
Gay Dad “Oh Jim” from Leisure Noise
Alice Cooper “I’m Eighteen” from Mascara & Monsters: The Best of Alice Cooper

FFFreakout #565 (Aired on 6/1/17):
Airto Fogo “High Stakers” from S/T
Rangers “Never Again” from Texas Rock Bottom
Stefan Christensen “Brass City Dilemma” from Open City 7″
David Mitchell “Stake” from Killing Capitalism With Kindness
Drunk Elk “Death Disco” from S/T
Loop “Breathe Into Me” from A Gilded Eternity
Big Star “O My Soul” from Keep An Eye On the Sky
Bill Moss “Sock It To ‘Em Soul Brother” from Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label
J Dilla “Gobstopper” from Donuts
R.E.M. “Toys in the Attic” from Dead Letter Office
The Beatles “Good Morning Good Morning/Sgt. Pepper’s … (Reprise) from Sgt. Pepper’s…
The Beatles “A Day in the Life” (Take 1 and Hummed Last Chord) from Sgt. Pepper’s…
Donald Fagan “New Frontier” from The Nightfly
Pretenders “The Wait” from S/T
The Beatles “Penny Lane” (Take 6 – instrumental) from Sgt. Pepper’s…
The Beatles “Getting Better” (Take 1 – instrumental) from Sgt. Pepper’s…

FFFreakout #564 (Aired on 5/25/17):
Haha Mart “Funny Business” from Family Denim
Fairport Convention “The Ballad of Easy Rider” from
Whole Wheat “Song for the Highway” from All The Balloons
Comet Gain “Deficient Love” from Tigertown Pictures
Dadawah “Seventy-Two Nations” (excerpt) from Peace & Love
Mogollar “Karsiki Yayla” from S/T
Ian William Craig “A Single Hope” from Centres
George Clinton “Atomic Dog” from Computer Games
Rick James “Give It To Me Baby” from Street Songs
Prince “Soft and Wet” from For You
Neil Diamond “Solitary Man” (live) from
The Monkees “A Little Bit of Me, A Little Bit of You” from
Neal Hefti “Batman Theme”
Joey Scarbury “Believe It or Not” from b/w “Little Bit of Us”
Peter Cetera “Living in the Limelight” from S/T
Angelo Badalamenti “Twin Peaks theme” from Soundtrack from Twin Peaks

FFFreakout #563 (Aired on 5/18/17):
Thigh Master “D.D.” from Early Times
Pere Ubu “Humor Me” from Terminal Tower: An Archival Collection
Mike Rep and Friends “Doesn’t Take Away the Pain” from Darby Creek Drifter
Alex Twomey “Red Zone” from Cellar Vol. 2
Heat Exchange “Reminiscence” from Reminiscence
Richard H. Kirk “Martyrs of Palestine” from Black Jesus Voice
Gerry and the Holograms “Gerry & the Holograms” from S/T
Goldfrapp “Systemagic” from Silver Eye
David Bowie “I’m Afraid of Americans” from Earthling
Spoon “First Caress” from Hot Thoughts
Chastity Brown “Wake Up” from Silhouette of Sirens
Ray Davies “The Deal” from Americana
The Avalanches “If I Was A Folkstar” from Wildflower
Thundercat “Bus In These Streets” from Drunk

FFFreakout #562 (Aired on 5/11/17):
Phern “Flipper Twister” from Fixture Five compilation
Creation Rebel “Starship Africa-Section 4” from Starship Africa
Adrian Belew “She Is Not Dead” from Twang Bar King
Tracy Thorn “Femme Fatale” from A Distant Shore
The Music Tapes “The Big Beautiful Shops (It’s Said That It Could Be…)” from Mary’s Voice
Nicole Mitchell “Forestwall Timewalk” from Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds
Ian William Craig “A Slight Grip, a Gentle Hold Pt. II” from A Turn of Breath
The Suicide Commandos “Boogie’s Coldest Acre” (radio edit) from Time Bomb
The Pixies “Tame” from Doolittle
Gleaming Spires “Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?” from Songs of the Spires
The Clash “Magnificent Dance” from Magnificent Seven 12″
Devo “Girl U Want” from Devo Live
Tears For Fears “Change” from The Hurting
Hall & Oates “So It Isn’t So” from S/T

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