FFFreakout #553-556


So, here’s what has been happening on the weekly Free Form Freakout show over the past four weeks. In that time span, we started off by observing the sad passing of Hideo Ikeezumi, founder of the legendary Japanese experimental music label P.S.F. Records, and we moved through some busy weeks with shows that were peppered with a little Yacht Rock and Guinness Rock. We’re getting ourselves ready for what is going to be a pretty exciting month of April with some notable live shows happening in our area, which I’m sure we will be discussing at length on air in the weeks ahead.

You may have noticed that this post doesn’t contain the usual “record porn” imagery that we’ve been using for years on end now. After scrolling through the website and seeing how cluttered it is with redundant photos like that, I decided now is a good time to mix things up a bit and try to make the website at least a bit more visually appealing. Moving forward, I plan to integrate more original photography and artwork onto the website to showcase some friend’s and neighbor’s work. For starters, I plan on doing this through the weekly playlist updates, as I’m hoping that this will provide a bit of motivation to keep up with these on a more regular basis. We’ll see where it goes from there. I have considered getting back into doing some writing once again, maybe just some short reviews here-and-there when time and energy suits, but that seems like something that would be a few months down the road. Again, we’ll see. For this first post, and likely a few more in the weeks ahead, our old pal Cody Yantis has provided us with a series of striking photos he shot in and around his stomping grounds of downtown Denver using expired, infrared film. The series, taken as a whole, brings to mind a sort of lonesome, Kafkaesque landscape.

FFFreakout #556 (Aired on 3/23/17):
Stereolab “Percolator” from Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Cromwell “Guinness Rock” from At The Gallop
Uranium Club “Who Made the Man?” from All of Them Naturals
Scarcity of Tanks “Let You Accident” from Vulgar Defender
The Sunday Painters “Let’s Be Moderne” from In My Dreams
Adamennon ” La Giostra Del Folle” from Le Nove Ombre Del Caos
Mark Hollis “The Gift” from S/T
Charles Bradley “Ain’t It A Sin” from Changes
Beastie Boys “Something’s Got To Give” from Check Your Head
Mike Watt “Against the 70’s” from Ball-Hog or Tugboat?
Thundercat “Show You the Way” from Drunk
A Bird and The Bee “I Can’t Go For That” from Interpreting the Masters Vol. 1
Cat Power “I Don’t Blame You” from You Are Free
Prince “When You Were Mine” from Dirty Mind
Billy Preston “Outa-Space” from I Wrote a Simple Song


FFFreakout #555 (Aired on 3/16/17):
Slint “Nosferatu Man” from Spiderland
Russell Hoke “Let Us Trust” from A Voice From the Lonesome Playground: An Anthology
Teen-X-Ray “Pighunting Guy” from Spirits Dogroll
John Fahey “Tell Her to Come Back Home” from The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death
Grouper “Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping” from Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
Requiem “Construction” from For a World After
Ulan Bator “NeuNeu” (single version) from Stereolith
Patti Smith “Gloria” from Horses
Ramones “Judy Is A Punk” from S/T
Ryan Adams “Doomsday” from Prisoner
The Beatles “Paperback Writer” from 1
The Monkees “Words” from Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.
The Kinks “Days” from The Ultimate Collection
Dennis Coffey “Theme from Enter the Dragon” from Absolutely the Best of Dennis Coffey
Childish Gambino “Have Some Love” from Awaken, My Love!


FFFreakout #554 (Aired on 3/9/17):
Cromwell “You Got It Made” from At The Gallop
Jasper Lee “Milk of Air” from Mirror of Wind
David Bowie “Dollar Days” from Black Star
Carla Dal Forno “Fast Moving Cars” from You Know What It’s Like
Gao Jiafeng “Track 2” from Selected Works 2013-2017
Starfuckers “Ordine Pubblico” from Sinistri
Scorpion Violente “The Stalker” from The Stalker
Iggy Pop “Lust For Life” (The Prodigy Remix) from T2 Trainspotting O.S.T.
Adult. “Breathe On” (feat. Michael Gira) from Detroit House Guests
Kenny Loggins “I’m Alright” from Caddyshack O.S.T.
Chuck Mangione “Feels So Good” from Yacht Rock collection
The Doobie Brothers “What A Fool Believes” from Easy Rock collection
Robbie Dupree “Steal Away” from Easy Rock collection
Daryl Hall & John Oates “Sarah Smile” from S/T


FFFreakout #553 (Aired on 3/2/17):
Uranium Club “God’s Chest” from All of Them Naturals
High Rise “Ikon” from Live
Fushitsusha “Untitled 2-3” from PSF 15 & 16
Damon & Naomi with Ghost “Blue Moon” from S/T
Carla Dal Forno “What You Gonna Do Now? from You Know What It’s Like
Metal Boys “He’s Shaken Up” from Tokio Airport
Thundercat “Show You the Way” from Drunk
Shooter Jennings (ft. Brandi Carlile) “The Neverending Story” from Countach (For Giorgio)
Ryan Adams “Do You Still Love Me?” from Prisoner
Alice Cooper “Clones” from Flush the Fashion
Gorillaz “19-2000” from The Singles Collection 2001-2011
The Good, The Bad, The Queen “80’s Life” from S/T
George Harrison “What Is Life” from All Things Must Pass
Ike & Tina Turner “De Funk” from Greatest Hits Vol. One


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