FFFreakout #456-458


Here’s what has been happening on the Thursday show over the past three weeks. Things are starting to get busy around the FFF bunker with Carl gearing up for Record Store Day festivities and David preparing a few special things related to the FFFoxy Podcast. We also have the annual KMSU Spring Pledge Drive approaching in the coming weeks, so we’ll be sharing more details about that soon. Until then, thanks for checking in with us.

FFFreakout #456 (Aired on 3/26/15):
The Saints “This Perfect Day (#1)” from Wild About You: Complete Studio Recordings
Chris Weisman “Backpack People” from The Holy Life That’s Coming
David Lannan “Wine Upon the Water” from Street Singer
Yusef Lateef “Big Bass Drum” from Part of the Search
J Dilla “Geek Down” from Donuts
Portishead “All Mine” from S/T
Tod Dockstader “Apocalypse-Part 2” from The Early Gurus of Electronic Music: 1948-1980
Rene Hell “Quiet Detail Muse” from The Terminal Symphony
Magazine “Definitive Gaze” from Real Life
Charlie Parr “Stumpjumper” from Stumpjumper
Soul Asylum “Cartoon” from Hang Time
Babes In Toyland “Sweet’69” from Nemesisters
JD McPherson “Shy Boy” from Let the Good Times Roll
Johnny Horton “The Battle of New Orleans” from Johnny Horton’s Greatest Hits
Babes In Toyland “He’s My Thing” from Painkillers
Sleater-Kinney “Gimme Love” from No Cities To Love

FFFreakout #457 (Aired on 4/2/15):
The Embarrassment “Can’t Forget” from Heyday: 1979-83
Havah “Organizarre L’Odio” from split w/ His Electro Blue Voice
Jam Money “Paper Raincoat” from Blowing Stones
M. Piellard/Philippe Arnaud “Act Ping Pong” from BIPPP: French Synth Wave 1979-85
Jac Berrocal “Rock ‘N Roll Station” from Fatal Encounters
The Grubby Mitts “To A Friend’s House The Way Is Never Long” from What the World Needs Now Is
Dennis Linde “Burning Love” from S/T
Karen Dalton “Same Old Man” from In My Own Time
Bruce Springsteen “She’s the One” from Born to Run
The Rolling Stones “Brown Sugar” from Sticky Fingers
The Gutter Twins “Idle Hands” from Saturnalia
The Normal “Warm Leatherette” from Just Say Yesterday: Volume VI of Just Say Yes
Tom Jones (feat. Portishead) “Motherless Child” from Greatest Hits
The Kinks “Johnny Thunder” from Village Green Preservation Society
Cat Power “Satisfaction” from The Covers Record

FFFreakout #458 (Aired on 4/9/15):
The Cleaners from Venus “Modern TV” from Blow Away Your Troubles
German Army “Graph the City” from In Transit
German Army “Alms For Arms” from In Transit
Padna “Wolhee” from Alku Toinen
Grouper “Labyrinth” from Ruins
Crystalized Movements “Sandy Roy” from Mind Disaster
The Homosexuals “Neutron Lover” from Astral Glamour
Liliput “Krimi” from S/T
Robbie Basho “The Grail and The Lotus” from Guitar Soli
Thomas Dolby “One Of Our Submarines” from Retrospectacle
Just Brothers “Sliced Tomatoes” from A Break from the Norm
Prince “Starfish & Coffee” from Sign O’ The Times
The Jesus & Mary Chain “Come On” from Stoned & Dethroned
Talking Heads “Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town” from Talking Heads: 77
Primal Scream “Movin’ On Up” from Screamadelica
The Pretenders “Message of Love” from Pretenders II
Ryan Adams “So Alive” from Rock N Roll

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