FFFreakout #452-455


With the arrival of spring a bit early around these parts, we’ve been rather neglectful with posting our weekly playlist information to the website over the past month. There certainly has been plenty to discuss over the past several weeks from some live shows taking place in town to some amazing new albums that we’ve recently gripped. In particular, the latest LPs from Russell St. Bombings and Chris Weisman are well worth your time in checking out, as are the LP reissues from Ron Warren Ganderton & Sound Ceremony and Red Noise. Be on the lookout for some information about the upcoming KMSU Spring Pledge Drive in the weeks ahead, as well as some other interesting FFF-related developments that are in the works. Hope everyone is doing well out there. Thanks for checking in with us.

FFFreakout #452 (Aired on 2/26/15):
Call Back the Giants “The Pharoah Man” from The Rising
Throbbing Gristle “United” from The Second Annual Report
William Burroughs “Captain Clark Welcomes You Aboard++” from Nothing Here Now but the Recordings
Ian William Craig “A Slight Grip, a Gentle Hold (pt. II)” from A Turn of Breath
Mike & Cara Gangloff “Cherry River Line” from Black Ribbon of Death, Silver Thread of Life
Sandy Bull “Triple Ballade (Machant)” from Inventions
The Fugs “I Want to Know” from Golden Filth
Pearls Before Swine “(Oh Dear) Miss Morse” from One Nation Underground
Devo “Freedom of Choice” from Freedom of Choice
Blur “Bank Holiday” from Parklife
Haircut One Hundred “Love Plus One” from Living In Oblivion: The 80’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
Dimitri From Paris “Une Very Stylish Fille” from Sacrebleu
LCD Soundsystem “Dance Yourself Clean” from The Long Goodbye
The Kinks “Party Line” from Face to Face

FFFreakout #453: (Aired on 3/5/15):
Theme to “In Search Of”
Gaz Coomes “The English Ruse” Matador
Talking Heads “Slippery People” from Speaking in Tongues
Muddy Waters “Hoochie Coochie” from The Best of Muddy Waters
The Blues Brothers (feat. Ray Charles) “Shake Your Tailfeather” from The Definitive Collection
Uncle Tupelo “Movin’ On” from Super Fantastic Mega Smash Hits!
Heart “Barracuda” from Little Queen
Wings “Jet” from Wingspan: Hits and History
Secret Valley “Crow Bar” from The Glisten E.P.
The Radiation Flowers “Run” from II
The Go-Betweens “Cattle and Cane” from Before Hollywood
Ron Warren Ganderton & Sound Ceremony “Fool” from Guitar Star
Cassiber “Last Call” from Beauty and the Beast
Red Noise “20 Mirror Mozarts Composing On Tea Bag…” from Sarcelles-Locheres


FFFreakout #454 (Aired on 3/12/15):
Peter Lang “Windy and Warm” from Back to the Wall
Russell St. Bombings “Side B” (excerpt) from S/T
Alastair Galbraith “Vincent” from Seely Girn
The Names “Shanghaï Gesture” from Swimming
The Door and The Window “Order and Obey” from Detailed Twang
Zola Jesus “Long Way Down” from Taiga
RTX “Stoked” from Transmaniacon
Steve Cropper, Pop Staples, and Albert King “Tupelo” from Jammed Together
Johnny Cash “Tennessee Stud” from American Recordings
Modest Mouse “Pistol (A. Cunanan, Miami, FL. 1996)” from Strangers To Ourselves
LCD Soundsystem “Daft Punk” from The London Sessions
The Muppets “Movin’ Right Along” from The Muppet Show
Barry White “Never, Never Gonna Give You Up”
James Brown “Think” from Live at the Apollo


FFFreakout #455 (Aired on 3/19/15):
Rocket From the Tombs “Muckraker” from The Day the Earth Met the Rocket From the Tombs
Chris Weisman “See It Through” from The Holy Life That’s Coming
Leo Kottke “Hole in the Day” from Dreams and All That Stuff
Ron Warren Ganderton & Sound Ceremony “Come the Change” from Guitar Star
Amon Düül II “Stumbling Over Melted Moonlight” from Tanz Der Lemminge
Map 71 “Speciman” from Standing 7″
Hollow Boys “Someday” from Violent Ascension
Jamie and the Debt “Anthem” from No, Life Isn’t
Ian Kovac Jr Jr. “Camera” from You Know It When You Feel It
Coin Locker Kid “Ragdoll” from Hailstorm & Maelstrom
Bobb Trimble “Selling Me Short While Stringing Me Long” from Harvest of Dreams
Sun City Girls “Mr. Lonely Viola” from Mister Lonely soundtrack
The 49 Americans “I Be Later” from We Know Nonsense
Little Francisco Greaves “Moving-Grooving” from Panama!3
Ornette Coleman “Civilization Day” from Science Fiction

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