FFFreakout #434-436

It has been a fun, yet busy, past couple of weeks here. We were fortunate to have Nathan McLaughlin drop by the studio and join us on episode #434. It’s always a pleasure to have him in town and to get to talk music, life, etc. The guy certainly knows a thing or two about Bedhead and Bill Dixon!! Our focus over the past two shows has been on the KMSU Fall Pledge Drive, not to mention a little Halloween Hootenanny action. As of yesterday evening, KMSU met its goal of $25,000, putting us one step closer to replacing that outdated transmitter and making us a more viable station in the years ahead. A huge thanks goes out to all of the listeners and supporters of our station out there. It’s such an honor to be a part of this unique little station and to continue to have an opportunity each week to do Free Form Freakout.

FFFreakout #434 (Aired on 10/23/14):
The Chills “Rolling Moon” from Kaleidoscope World
Roy Harper “Grown Ups Are Just Silly Children” from When An Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease
Madrigal “Where You Going” from S/T
Faust “It’s a Bit Of a Pain” from IV
Der Plan “Wir Werden Inamer Mehr” from Geri Reig/Normalette Surprise
Nathan McLaughlin “Concrete and Marigolds” from Nothing To Be Sad About
The New Year “Alter Ego” from Newness Ends
Peter Jefferies “Wined Up” from Electricity
The Velvet Underground “I’m Waiting For the Man” from The Velvet Underground & Nico
The Black Keys “I’ll Be Your Man” from The Big Come Up
The War On Drugs “Lost In The Dream” from Lost In The Dream
Luna “Season of the Witch” from I Shot Andy Warhol O.S.T.
David Bowie “Velvet Goldmine” from Ziggy Stardust (Deluxe Edition)
Isaac Hayes “Title Theme” from Tough Guys

FFFreakout #435 (Aired on 10/30/14):
Lou Reed “Looking For Love” from The Bells
Russell Hoke “Haunted Brain” from Haunted Brain
Sun City Girls “The Shining Path” from Torch of the Mystics
Roky Erikson & The Aliens “Creature With the Atom Brain” from The Evil One
Norm Chambers “3.35” from Studies split 7″ w/ Joe Houpert
Raymond Scott “Lightworks” from Manhattan Research Inc.
Fred Schneider “Monster” from S/T
Frankie Stein and His Ghouls “Be Careful It’s My Throat” from Monster Sounds and Dance Music
The Blind Shake “Walking Stick” from Key To A False Door
Talking Heads “Psycho Killer” from Talking Heads 77
Blank Realm “Back to the Flood” from Grassed Inn
Howlin Wolf “Howlin’ For My Darling” from Halloween A Go-Go
MX-80 Sound “Theme from Halloween” from Just Can’t Get Enough: New Wave Halloween
Danny Elfman “Clown Dream” from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

FFFreakout #436 (Aired on 11/6/14):
Ausmuteants “Freedom of Information” from Order of Operation
Ex Hex “How You Got That Girl” from Rips
Bedhead “Psychosomatica” from Transaction de Novo
DNA “Blonde Red Head” from DNA On DNA
Electric Eels “Jaguar Ride” from The Eyeball of Hell
Mike Cooper “Sitting Here Watching” from Trout Steel
Relatively Clean Rivers “Journey Through the Valley of O” from S/T
Neil Young “Plastic Flowers from Solo Storytone
Neil Young “I Want To Drive My Car” from Storytone
Spinal Tap “Gimme Some Money” from S/T
Wall of Voodoo “Mexican Radio” from Living In Oblivion Vol. 4
Wayne Newton “Danke Schöen” from Wild, Cool & Swingin’
Nick Lowe “Music for Money” from Jesus of Cool
Bill Conti “Gonna Fly Now” from Suddenly 70’s
The Tornadoes “Telstar”

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