FFFreakout #413-415

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On this week’s show, we discussed and played tracks from a bunch of artists that will be performing at Heliotrope X, the long-running annual three-day festival highlighting the Twin Cities vibrant underground music community. We’re especially looking forward to checking out Weakwick (*tape pictured above) and American Cream – a couple of bands whose music has appeared on both our regular weekly show and on the podcast series. The event takes place from June 5-7 at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis. Full details on the event are HERE.

FFFreakout #413 (Aired on 5/22/14):
Cheater Slicks “Walk Up the Street” from Static Disaster: The U.K. In the Red Records comp.
Swans “Oxygen” from To Be Kind
Godflesh “Crush My Soul” from In All Languages
Swimming In Bengal “Slow Burn” (excerpt) from Vol. 1
Pip Proud “The Tennis Player” from One of These Days
Cosmic Michael “Salty Jam” from S/T
Happy Mondays “24 Hour Party People” from Double Easy: The U.S. Singles
Gang of Four “To Hell With Poverty” from Solid Gold/Another Day, Another Dollar
Pretenders “Message of Love” from Pretenders II
Love & Rockets “Kundalini Express” from Express
Minutemen “Political Song for Michael Jackson” from Double Nickels on the Dime
The Three O’Clock “Jetfighter” from Sixteen Tambourines/Baroque Hoedown

FFFreakout #414 (Aired on 5/29/14):
Les Coronados “Zig Zag Wanderer” from What a Nice Way To Turn Seventeen #6
Sacred Product “Wastex (Back to Samsara)” from Wastex EP
Ron Perkins (aka Rodd Keith) “The Game of Love” from Black Phoenix Blues
Jandek “Sadie” from On the Way
Simon Finn “Laughing ‘Til Tomorrow” from Pass the Distance
Craig Leon “Donkeys Bearing Cups” from Nommos
Felix Kubin “Flies Without Memory” from Zemsta Plutona
Balloon Guy “Incidentally” from The West Coast Shakes
Lush “Sweetness and Light” (My Bloody Valentine remix) from Splendor O.S.T.
ELO “Do Ya” from A New World Record
Elastica “Car Song” from Later Volume One: Brit Beat
Devo “Freedom of Choice” from Freedom of Choice
Luna “Sweet Child O’ Mine” from The Days of Our Nights

FFFreakout #415 (Aired on 6/5/2014):
New Wave Hookers “Sharp Hands Light Tongue” from Cut Your Teeth
Paul Metzger “Geschenk” from Gedanken Splitter
Robust Worlds “Heavy Moon” from Emotional Planet
American Cream “People I Admire” from Nathan
Take Acre “Town Square” from S/T
Oaks “Dreaming Arrows” from Field Beat
Weakwick “Nostrum Pop” from Neophyte
Prostate “Saint” from RIP VIP
Marvin Gaye “Got To Give It Up” from The Very Best of
Courtney Barnett “History Eraser” from The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas
3rd Bass “Pop Goes the Weasel” from Derelict of Dialect
8-Bit Operators “The Model” from The Music of Kraftwerk performed on vintage 8-bit…
Black Flag “Six Pack” from Damaged

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