FFFreakout #395 (Aired on 1/16/14)

Last week, we mentioned we were dealing with sub-zero temperatures; this week, it was blizzard-like conditions that actually prevented Carl from making it up to the radio station. David tried to hold down the fort, spinning some favorites both new and old. Though long overdue, it felt like the right time to play something from The Dead C’s latest, Armed Courage. Check out the amazing live footage below from one of their European tour dates from last year – it rules!!!

Nurse With Wound “Wash the Dust From My Heart” from Huffin’ Rag Blues
Royal Trux “Strawberry Soda” from S/T
Michael & The Mumbles “Don’t You Call” from S/T
J. Mascis “On The Run” from Martin & Me
Ed Askew “Fancy That” from Ask the Unicorn
Peter Gutteridge “Hang On” from Pure
Miminokoto “Tokedasu” from Orange Garage
Dan Melchoir und Das Menace “O! Anxiety” from Thank You Very Much
Sheriff Lindo and The Hammer “Dread-Ging the River” from Ten Dubs That Shook the World
The Mothers of Invention/Frank Zappa “Flower Punk” from We’re Only In It For the Money
Sun Ra “Dancing in the Sun” from The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra, Vol. 1
Tom Abbs & Frequency Response “Torn” from Lost & Found
The Dead C “Courage” (excerpt) from Armed Courage


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