FFFreakout #392 (Live on 12/26/13)

As is often the case when David does the weekly show on his own, he’ll break out some ridiculously lengthy numbers to avoid babbling on about record labels, personnel, and release dates that few people could give a rip about. This time around it was an epic 19-minute piece from the Swedish free jazz big band wrecking crew, Fire! Orchestra, fronted by the powerhouse saxophonist, Mats Gustafsson. David did, however, take some time to gush about the latest from Body/Head, the dynamic duo of Kim Gordon and Bill Nace, that came out on Matador Records on September 10, 2013.

Lou Reed “City Lights” from The Bells
Body/Head “Actress” from Coming Apart
Bill Callahan “Small Plane” from Dream River
Butthole Surfers “Creep in the Cellar” from Rembrandt Pussyhorse
Alexander “Skip” Spence “Cripple Creek” from Oar
Fire! Orchestra “Exit! Part One” from Exit!
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band “Click Clack” from The Spotlight Kid
Elizabeth Johnson “Sobbin’ Woman Blues” from American Primitive Vol. II: Pre-War Revenants (1897-1939)
Counter Intuits “No Computer Blues” from Sheets of Hits
Teenage Fanclub “Alcoholiday” from Bandwagonesque
My Bloody Valentine “If I Am” from MBV

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