FFFoxy Podcast #96


As I mentioned on the last podcast show, I had a bunch of new music piling up that I wanted to play and couldn’t come even close to squeezing it all in. On this installment I continued to work my way through a bunch of mostly newer material that has arrived recently. The freshest of the batch, which I was thrilled to see when announced, are the inaugural offerings from the new Goaty Tapes off-shoot label, House Rules. They just reissued albums by Drunk Elk and Russian Tsarlag that previously were only available in very limited edition tape runs. Both albums are filled with charming, melancholic pop songs that hit a certain sweet spot to my ears. I’ve also been enjoying the detuned folk shenanigans of Jason Millard’s new tape on Lighten Up Sounds, the odd tape/synth juxtapositions of No UFO’s NU LP for RS, and the chiming motorized overtones of Philippe Lauzier’s Dôme. I’ve probably been spending the most time digesting the terrific compilation The Hired Hands: A Tribute to Bruce Langhorne that Scissor Tail Editions put out. This release is an homage to Langhorne’s work and features contributions from a stellar line-up of artists that spans 32 tracks. The release is also a means of raising money to help cover medical expenses that Langhorne and his family have incurred in recent years. Sadly, mere hours after recording this episode of the show, I learned that Bruce Langhorne had passed away. So, I’d like to extend my sincere condolences to his family, friends, and admirers. I know his music will continue to have a lasting impact. With that, I hope you enjoy this episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. As always, thanks for looking and listening.

Drunk Elk “Quintessence” S/T LP (House Rules)
Russian Tsarlag “Three Colors” Gel Station Past LP (House Rules)
Quilt Boy “Sick Fish” Field Day of Yonder CS (All Gone)
Jason Millard “Same Key” Tall Reeds CS (Lighten Up Sounds)
Susan Alcorn “Hello Goodbye Hello” The Hired Hands: A Tribute to Bruce Langhorne 2CD (Scissor Tail)
Matthew P. Hopkins “W & W” W’s 7” (Albert’s Basement)
Downer Canada “B” (excerpt) Ares CD-R (Power Moves Library)
(Talk break)
No UFO’s “Classic NU Shit” NU LP For RS LP (Root Strata)
Matthew Revert and Vanessa Rossetto “Emergency Contact” KSE 11th Anniv. Album CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions)
Graham Lambkin “Men Do the Cutting” Two Points on the Angle CS* (No Rent)
Maths Balance Volumes “Cross Cattle Queen” Lower Forms LP (self-released)
Nothing Band “Beet Punk Brillo Pad Index” Nuked/Flushed CS (Tingo Tongo Tapes)
DJ DJ Tanner “Horrible Rally” (excerpt) Ice at 1991 CS (Personal Archives)
John Cage with David Tudor “Excerpts – 8pm to 9pm” Variations IV CD (Legacy International)
(Talk break)
Hans Appelqvist “Swimming Pool” Swimming Pool CS (Orange Milk)
Gerry & The Holograms “Increased Resistance” S/T LP (Cache Cache)
StrangerStill “Lately” Strange CD-R* (Chemical Imbalance)
Gao Jiafeng “Track 3” Selected Works 2013-2017 CD-R (Reading Group)
Lol Coxhill/Steve Miller “Will My Thirst Play Me Tricks…” The Story So Far/Oh Really? 2CD (Cuneiform Records)
Philippe Lauzier “Far Side” Dôme CS (Small Scale Music)
(Talk break)
Sult/Lasse Marhaug “Harpoon (first)” (excerpt) Harpoon LP* (Pica Disk/Conrad Sound)

*Denotes digital music provided by the artist/label


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