FFFoxy Podcast #93


On this episode of the show, I played a bunch of music that I picked up on a recent record store expedition to Minneapolis that I went on with a group of fellow KMSU hosts and listeners. In what has become an annual adventure, we hit up several record stores (and had a few drinks along the way) around the city and, naturally, I dropped more coin than I probably should have, but I did come away with some great finds both new and old. I also played several new and notable releases that have arrived in the mailbox over the past couple of weeks, too, especially tapes this time around. I’ve been particularly fond of the new tapes from Chik White, Brain Drain, Himukalt, and Leif Brush. I hope enjoy this latest installment of the podcast. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. As always, thanks for looking and listening.

Brain Drain “You and Me” Recorded Future CS (self-released)
Teen-X-Ray “Whatever Happen To Guy?” Spirits Dogroll LP (Planam)
Don Howland “Pope Innocent” Life Is A Nightmare LP (12XU)
Paul Carr “Big Carsey” b/w “I’m Not Fantasy Man” CS (Build Music)
Milovan Srdenovic “Our Eyes Met” Songs From West of the Pelvic Girdle LP (Freedom From)
Loren Connors & Suzanne Langile “Strong & Foolish Heart” b/w “Blue Ghost Blues” 7” (Tanuki)
Pelt “Waning Crescent” Dauphin Elegies CD (VHF)
(Talk break)
Himukalt “Waste” Vulgar CS (No Rent)
Piss Kills Mold “Track 1” split w/ Tom Boram CS (Ultraviolet Light)
Alan Courtis “Corralón” Los Galpones LP (Fabrica)
Jasper Lee “Quaint Gothic Spring” Mirror of Wind LP (Noumenal Loom)
Thorsten Soltau “A Mirror Turned” (Tarmac Edit) Optical Resonances CS (Audio Visuals Atmosphere)
Harold Budd “Wanderer” Wind In Lonely Fences 1970-2011 2CD (All Saints)
Leif Brush “Earth Star Songs, Pt. II” (excerpt) Stitched Phenomena CS (Pentiments)
(Talk break)
Nots “New Structures” Cosmetic CD (Goner)
Question “A New You” Self-Titled LP (Fashionable Idiots)
Dredd Foole and The Din “Not Right” Take Off Your Skin LP (PVC)
T.V.B.C. “Not O.K.” Ex Cathedra LP (Treehouse Records)
Paul Metzger “Death’s Other Kingdom” (excerpt) 1300 LP (Nero’s Neptune)
Ross Manning “Polaris” Deforming A Virtual Ribbon CS (More Mars)
Fossils “Track #4” Camelot Towers CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions)
Marc Kate “What A Fool Believes” 00 CD (Failing Forms)
(Talk break)
Chik White “Soft Shapes” (excerpt) Soft Shapes CS (Power Moves Library)

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