FFFoxy Podcast #92

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On this installment of the podcast, I have several new releases to play that I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of. Specifically, I’m referring to the latest works from Rashad Becker, Talugung, Blue Chemise, and Eli Keszler. In addition to these, there also has been plenty of other fantastic new surprises that have arrived of late, too, including exceptional releases from Kyle Eyre Clyd, Jim Haynes, and Jam Money. So, I attempted to mix all of this together with, what I consider, some choice older tracks from the collection to round out this episode. I hope you’ll enjoy how this one unfolds. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. As always, thanks for looking and listening.

Eli Keszler “Is Stage Director” Last Sign of Speed 2LP (Empty Editions)
Talugung “Track 2” Talugung/_blank split CD-R (Power Moves Library)
David Pritchard “The Harry Parchment/Yellow Stickers/Nash . . .” Nocturnal Earthworm Stew CD (Pacemaker/Lion)
Joan La Barbara “Cathing” Voice Is the Original Instrument: Early Works 2CD (Lovely Music, Ltd.)
Kyle Eyre Clyd “Big Eux” Eaux CS (Ultraviolet Light)
Chester Hawkins “Pale Trees, Part 1” (excerpt) Natural Causes LP (Intangible Arts)
(Talk break)
Pierre & Bastien “Allongé” Musique Grecque LP* (SDZ Records)
Doctor Nod “Buzz Buzz” I Know It’s True CD (self-released)
The Renderers “Thin Atmosphere” A Dream of the Sea LP (Tinsel Ears)
No Data “Rocking Just Keeps Getting Better” (excerpt) Soft Power CS (OJC Recordings)
German Army “Krakatau” Worthless Spectrum 2CS (Cønjuntø Vaciø)
Emptyset “Border” Borders LP/CD* (Thrill Jockey)
Jim Haynes “From the Sun’s Limbs” Throttle & Calibration CS (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
(Talk break)
Rashad Becker “Dance VII” Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. II LP (PAN)
Blue Chemise “Part 5” Influence On Dusk LP (Greedy Ventilator)
Nurse With Wound “Elderly Man River” Sylvie and Babs (Expanded Edition) 2CD (Dirter Promotions)
International Surrealist Bulletin “Musica Humana” Communitas CS (Ephem Aural)
Death Ambient “Lake Chad” Drunken Forest CD (Tzadik)
Jam Money “Bubbled Other” A Gathering Kind LP (Alien Transistor)
Hey Exit “An American Flower” Slow Names 4: The Bitter Scent of Light CS (Of Plants)
Grant Evans “Side B” (excerpt) A History of Debris CS (Adversary)
(Talk break)
Nace/Shiraishi “Side A” (excerpt) S/T CS (Chocolate Monk)
Art Ensemble of Chicago “Bon Voyage-Part 1” (excerpt) Live in Paris 2CD (BYG/Actuel/Fuel 2000)

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