FFFoxy Podcast #91


Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday time and that you all feel energized and ready to tackle head on what is sure to be another year filled with its own joys, its own challenges, and its own heartbreaks. With this first podcast show of 2017, I thought I’d get things started basically right where we left off last time around: with another jam-packed show. This one is filled with mostly a bunch of recent acquisitions and recent submissions from over the holidays. Of this recent loot, I’ve really been quite drawn to the debut LP offerings from The Intended and Thigh Master, the essential reissues from Alvin Curran and Starfuckers, the beguiling archival collections from Adam Bohman and Pascal Comelade, and the stellar new tapes from Nicholas Langley and Gambletron. Everything in between, I consider rock solid in their own right, too. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. As always, thanks for looking and listening.

Thigh Master “Whiplash” Early Times LP (Bruit Direct Disques)
The Intended “Desperation” Time Will Tell LP (In The Red)
Scarcity of Tanks “Demolished Ernie” Ringleader Lies CD (Total Life Society)
Frank Kogan “Baby Doe” Star Vomit Coffee Shop CD (OSR)
Larry Wish & His Guys “Must Be Someone” Not From My Come From CS (Moon Glyph)
Reynols “N9 Colesio Americama” Reynols/No Reynols 2CD (Freedom From)
Gambletron “AM Radio Theremin Drone” Transparens 01 3xCS (Idle Chatter)
(Talk break)
Russell Walker “The World Is Being Naughty + Bud Zippo” I Never See My Pal CS (Vitrine)
Adam Bohman “Among the Twinkling Stars” Music and Words 2 CD (Paradigm Discs)
Alvin Curran “Side B” (excerpt) Natural History LP (Black Truffle)
Bertoni/Boccardi/Mongardi “Red Stone Floating” Litio LP (Boring Machines)
Starfuckers “Ordine Pubblico” Sinistri 2LP (Parachute)
Submissions “Husk” S/T LP (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia)
Pete Fosco “Track #2” Invisible Moons CD-R (self-released)
(Talk break)
Nathan McLaughlin “Surface Noise” (excerpt) split w/ Seth Chrisman CS (FET Press)
Pascal Comelade “Back To Schizo” Rocanrolorama 1974-2016 6CD (Because Music)
O.S.T. “Imagination” Moon Man Otto Presents O.S.T. CS (Shangoril La Records)
Porest “Terminal Suite” Modern Journal of Popular Savagery LP (Nashazphone)
Jodi “Jodi-Ritmo” Pops De Vanguardia CD (Out-sider)
Pink Reason “You Can’t Win” Shit in the Garden LP (Siltbreeze)
Russell Hoke “Twisted Mountain” A Voice From the Lonesome Playground 2CS (Round Bale Recordings)
Richard Kamerman “For Any/One, Thing” (excerpt) Music for Glassblower’s studio… CS (Org. Music from Thessaloniki)
(Talk break)
Nicholas Langley “Violin & Audio Generator 1” Violin & Audio Generator CS (Self-Help Tapes)
Daphne Oram “Episode Metallic” Oramics 2CD (Paradigm Discs)

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