FFFoxy Podcast #90


I traveled up to the studio in sub-zero temperatures, -15 degrees to be precise, to bring you this installment of the FFFoxy Podcast show, which is going to be the last one for the year. I’m planning to take the next couple of weeks off to spend time with family and maybe watch a few movies or just generally unwind for a change. Hopefully, you will be able to do the same. Since this is the final show for 2016, I thought I’d try to cram in as much of the newer music that has arrived in the past month or so as possible, and I must say there has been some incredible music coming out, some of which I’d count amongst my favorites of the year. I’m going sign off here and simply wish you all a safe and happy holidays however you choose to celebrate (or not). Thanks for looking and listening, and be sure to check back with us in the new year ahead. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Cheers!!

Deadman’s Ghost “Paper Figurines” Hypocritical Oath CS (Ephem Aural)
Spencer Dobbs “Down to the Shades” Changed Fool CD-R+Chapbook+CD-R (Anahuac Editions)
Rake Kash “Stonebreakers” S/T (Gertrude Tapes)
Ben Lawless “Purse Snatcher” Other Motions CS (OSR Tapes)
Xantene “Mecanismo!” Mekanizumu CS (Kitchen Leg Records)
Kleenex/Liliput “Ain’t You” S/T 2CD (Kill Rock Stars)
David Maranha Ensemble “Ashes” Salt, Ashes, Goat Skin LP (Roaratorio)
Rambutan “Surface Elevation” Universal Impulses CS (These Are Not Records)
(Talk break)
Sean McCann “String Quartet with Ski Response” Music for Public Ensemble 2LP (Recital)
Idea Fire Company “The Uncertain Lovers” The Synthetic Elements LP (Crisis of Taste)
Jacques Brodier “Danse des Chevaux de Bois Craignant L’orage” Xhos De Villemahu 2LP (Penultimate Press)
Pierre Henry “Braiements” Variations pour une porte et un soupir LP (Philips)
Jim Strong “The Sallow Rakes” The Sallow Rakes CS (Vitrine)
AK Musick “Baz” S/T CD (Mental Experience)
Channelers “Praise For Life In All Its Forms” Space Makes Clearing CS (Inner Islands)
(Talk break)
LXV “Apophenia” (excerpt) Clear LP (Anomia)
Remote Feed “It’s The Person” S/T CS (Cave Recordings)
Louis Rice “45” 33/45 7” (Organized Music From Thessaloniki)
Pauline Oliveros “Three Pieces III” Reverberations: Tape & Electronic Music 1961-1970 CD boxset (Important)
Vernacular String Trio “Suture” Parlance CD (Personal Archives)
Cop Tears “Harmony 42 (Rapture-Supply Belcher)” Thirteen Harmonies CD-R (Reading Group)
J.H. Guraj “Fully Colored Blanket” Underrated Glances at the Edge of Town CS (Maple Death)
Dennis Andrew “Arabian Nights” Concepts CS (Daylight Productions)
(Talk break)
Magnetic Ghost “Landfill” Loss Molecules LP* (Magnetic Ghost)
Smokey Emery/Venison Whirled “Let It Go Here” (excerpt) Turning Into CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions)

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