FFFoxy Podcast #89: Power Moves Library feature


On this episode of the FFFoxy Podcast, we dig deeper into the work of the Ontario-based, Power Moves Library. The imprint, and its previous incarnation as the Power Moves Label, is run by Kevin Cahill, a prolific artist in his own right, recording in various solo and duo projects such as Running Point, Downer Canada, ROW, and East of the Valley Blues. In the past couple of years, Power Moves, in both variations combined, has amassed quite a fantastic catalog that spans a wide range of sounds: from abstract guitar improvisations to ramshackle noise to pure sound art. On this installment of the show, we chatted with Kevin about his work with Power Moves Library, along with his various solo and collaborative music projects that he’s currently involved in. We also talked about the recent zine that he just put out through Power Moves Library that is an extension of the writing that he was doing with his Rotational Review music blog. Hope you enjoy this new episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. As always, thanks for looking and listening.

Running Point “Medita/Medica 5” Medita/Medica CS/MP3 (PMLibrary 001)
ROW “Magnetawan” Live Den CS/MP3 (PMLibrary 009)
(Interview segment with Kevin Cahill)
Delphine Dora “Side A” (excerpt) Parallel World CS/MP3 (PMLibrary 013)
Mold Omen “Side B” (excerpt) No Edits In Heaven CS/MP3 (PMLibrary 011)
Downer Canada “Side A” (excerpt) Hieronsong CS/MP3 (PMLibrary 010)
Layne Garrett “Usually, What?” (excerpt) Reportage CS/MP3 (PMLibrary 007)
(Interview segment with Kevin Cahill)
Talugung “A2” Folded Spring CS/MP3 (PMLibrary 006)
Nate Scheible “Matter006” Matter CS/MP3 (PMLibrary 003)
Derek Baron “Arpas” Palmillas CS/MP3 (PMLibrary 002)
Causings excerpt from Live on WKCR Sept. 5, 2015 CS/MP3 (PMLibrary 014)
(Interview segment with Kevin Cahill)
East of the Valley Blues “Sobrio” S/T CS/LP/MP3 (Death Is Not The End)
Cahill Locksmith “A Seam for Thinking” Starter Kin CS/MP3 (PMLabel 012/14)
Ocathail “Hiker’s Chance” split with Hastío CS/MP3 (PMLibrary 012)
Hastío “Sin título” (excerpt) split with Ocathail CS/MP3 (PMLibrary 012)
Running Point “A01” Sharpen the Past mCS/MP3 (Power Moves Label/Ambivalent Soap)

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