FFFoxy Podcast #82


I have a pretty jam-packed episode for you this time around; one that is perhaps a bit more rock-oriented and rhythmic than usual, though not overwhelmingly. The station presented a concert with The Blind Shake this past weekend, so I think I’ve just been more receptive to music in that vein in the build-up to that show. Also, it’s been new releases from the likes of David Nance, The Lavender Flu, Night Control, and Le Villejuif Underground that have perked up my ears once again to rock-ish songcraft, as loose and as skewed as some of these artists tackle the form. You’ll still hear quite a range of sounds throughout this installment, though, including one of my favorite new releases by Klara Lewis that features an almost indescribable mixture of spooked soundscapes and hidden rhythmic fragments. It’s an album I keep coming back to regularly to try and unlock its mysterious appeal. There are plenty of other highlights, too, that I trip over my words to try and convey during the talk breaks, which if you’ve been a listener of the show for even a short period of time you’ll know is par for the course. I should note a couple of corrections, though. First, the Night Control album is not self-titled as described; it’s indeed called Mind Control (which I do, in fact, make note of). What I meant to say, though, was that it was a self-released album. Second, The Hospital’s album that I make reference to is called Hairdryer Peace, not Hairdryer Police. Given the current state of affairs in our country, it’s maybe not surprising that such a slip of the tongue occurred. If you can hang through the rest of the “kind of” off-the-cuff riffin’, then hopefully the rest of the yapping will be useful. Hope you enjoy this episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for looking and listening.

David Nance “Pure Evil” More Than Enough CD (Ba Da Bing)
The Lavender Flu “My Time” Heavy Air CD (Holy Mountain)
Night Control “Rippin’ Sports Frame” Mind Control LP (self-released)
The Underground Youth “Morally Barren” The Early Recordings 2008-2009 CS (Dub Ditch Picnic)
Dean Cercone “Worked For So Long Now” split w/ Pregnant CS (Hairy Spider Legs)
Ama Divers “Crawling Out” An Echo in the Sound CS (No Rent)
Lard Free “Synthetic Seasons Part 1 & 2” III CD (Spalax)
(Talk break)
Klara Lewis “Beaming” Too LP (Editions Mego)
Edvard Graham Lewis “Bluebird” All Over CD (Editions Mego)
The Will To Power “I Have” Ambition & Striving CD (Sundowning)
How I Quit Crack “Anise” Transitional Herbs CS (Pecan Crazy)
Skeptics “Feeling Bad” III CD (Flying Nun/Captured Tracks)
ONO “Aloe Cramps” Ennui LP (Priority Male/Galactic Archive)
RAGS “A Long Corridor” (excerpt) Cipher of the Infinite Moment CS (Cave Recordings)
(Talk break)
Maxine Funke “Can’t Make Done” Lace LP (Time-Lag)
Azumi “Medley” Inst. 13 CS (Senri)
Carter Thornton “Jokl Hides In My Closet” Mapping the Ghost Vol. 2: The Dead Beach to The Church CS (Soft Abuse)
Gorlen “03” Tape Death #10 CS (Lathelight Ltd.)
Fadensonnen “Electric City” Gutter Wanderer LP (self-released)
Tyll “Nervenzusammenbruch einer Gitarre” Sexphonie CD (Mental Experience)
Meatbodies “King Kong” split w/ The Blind Shake 7” (Wet Bridge)
Le Villejuif Underground “The Daintree Is Gone” S/T LP* (SDZ Records)
Vibracathedral Orchestra “You’re Hard To Get” The Queen of Guess CD (VHF)
(Talk break)
Snake Whiskey “Rituel du Snake Whiskey” S/T CS (Small Scale Music)

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