FFFoxy Podcast #80


Summer has definitely arrived around these parts since the last show and, no, it’s not a dry heat. I was sweatin’ it out in the studio amongst the heat-radiating equipment assembling this latest episode, which is a fairly jammed packed show of mostly newer releases, some arriving within the last week in fact. Of these new releases, I’ve been especially smitten by The Bibs, Dan Melchior, and Èlg full-lengths. This show is also brimming with easily some of the best cassette releases I’ve heard yet this year; new works from Antony Milton, Church Shuttle, and No Intention are definitely worth your time and attention. And, it goes without saying that the reissue of John Bender’s long sought after “I Don’t Remember Now/I Don’t Wanna Talk About It” LP is unquestionably essential. Of course, there’s plenty of other top notch sounds to be heard throughout. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for looking and listening.

The Bibs “Slow Curves” From the Fish Houses LP (Soft Abuse)
The Lentils “The Foam’s Game” My Pillow Lava – Part Negative One… LP (Feeding Tube)
Cleveland Wrecking Company “Say There’s A Reason” b/w “Hat Full of Dreams” 7” (Roaratorio)
Sun Dial “Exploding In Your Mind” Other Way Out/Other Way In 2CD (Relapse)
Embryo & The No Neck Blues Band “Die Farbe aus dem All” EmbryoNNCK CD (Staubgold)
Free Piece of Tape “Liquid Sky” Springer CS (Thalamos)
Church Shuttle “Liberty Choice Falafel” (excerpt) Aura Deterrent CS (Vitrine)
(Talk break)
Dan Melchior “Elmore Blues / Mic Feedback Blues” Home of the Blues LP (Kye)
Antony Milton “The Rooms We Grew Up In” The North CS (Lathelight Ltd.)
Grow Horns “Habits of the Hunter” Thunderous Fixations CS (Live God Records)
Matthew DeGennaro “Spark & Flame (for xon)” b/w “La Chirapita” 7” (Soft Abuse)
Sister Grotto “Blindside” (excerpt) Blindside CS (Heavy Mess)
Ratkiller “Machinery Responds” Odor Orienting CS (Crash Symbols)
Regler “Regel #6 (Techno)” (excerpt) Regel #6 (Techno)/Regel #7 (Drone) LP (Quemada)
(Talk break)
John Bender “35A9” I Don’t Remember Now/I Don’t Wanna Talk About It LP (Superior Viaduct)
Èlg “Side A” (excerpt) Mauve Zone LP* (Nashazphone)
Dylan Nyoukis “Encephalon Cracks” (excerpt) split w/ Final Seed CS (Tutore Burlato)
Final Seed “Side A” (excerpt) S/T CS (Alien Passengers)
No Intention “Collected Poems” (excerpt) Representative Works CS (Spam)
Layne Garrett “Usually, What?” (excerpt) Reportage CS (Power Moves Library)
(Talk break)
David Kenneth Nance “Excerpt From An Actor’s Diary” Actor’s Diary LP (Grapefruit)
Shadow in the Cracks “800 Meters” S/T LP (Goner)
Mosquitoes “Life, End Of” S/T 7” (self-released)

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