FFFoxy Podcast #75 with Shawn Reed of Night People Records


I was pleased to have Shawn Reed of Night People Records join me once again on the podcast show for this week. I did a feature on Night People with Shawn back in February of 2011 when I was just getting the podcast up and running. At that time Shawn was living in Iowa City and touring quite regularly as a member of the group Wet Hair. He has since re-located to the Twin Cities, and while Wet Hair has ceased activities, Shawn has kept his creative juices flowing through his ongoing work with the Night People label, through his own visual artwork, through record collecting, and through his deepening interest in reggae music. While in Mankato to DJ a reggae soundsystem event, Shawn stopped by the KMSU studios to chat a bit about some of the things he has been up to and to play a bunch of music from some of Night People’s latest releases. Check out the Night People website for more information about the label and to order any of the music played on this episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Hope you enjoy.

The Savage Young Taterbug “Well Done Honey & The Speaker Tan” Shadow of Marlboro Man LP (NP225)
(Talk break with Shawn Reed)
Ryan Garbes “Always the Same” 2012-2014 Life Is A Bootleg CS (NP222)
Stefan Christensen “Cheap Things” Isreal (Its More of the Same) CS (NP223)
Unhappy Birthday “Artie” Schauer CS (NP224)
Wet Hair “Dear Danae” The Floating World LP* (*forthcoming on Wharf Cat)
(Talk break with Shawn Reed)
Suspect “Club Cop” Faux Empath CS (NP226)
Free Music “Rock & Roll Music (Masters of Nothing)” Kool Toad/Great Music CS (NP216)
Roman Nails “Akathisia” Artificial Sense CS (NP217)
Annalibera “Kikyo” Loveil CS (NP219)
(Talk break with Shawn Reed)
The Savage Young Taterbug “Scotts Gravy” Shadow of Marlboro Man LP (NP225)
Gem Jones “Manic 223” Wurm Man Dubiosity CS (NP211)
Blossoming Mums “Autumn in Massachusetts” Dithering Mornings CS (NP215)
The Garment District “Weird Birds & Strange Days” If You Take Your Magic Slow LP (NP200)
Daisy Chains “Only Only” Above Board CS (NP221)
(Talk break with Shawn Reed)
The Savage Young Taterbug “The Paperstud” Shadow of Marlboro Man LP (NP225)
The Deep Freeze Mice “Minstrel Radio Yoghurt” The Best of The Deep Freeze Mice LP (NP190)
Broken Water “Hi Lo” Wrought LP (NP220)
Principality “Come Alive” Glass CS (NP214)
Jovontaes “Forever” Awaken Next to the Great Salt Lake CS (NP205)
The Garment District “Velvie Woolvine” If You Take Your Magic Slow LP (NP200)

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