FFFoxy Podcast #73


On account of kicking around a few different feature show possibilities and slowly gathering up a decent-sized pile of new music to play, I’m a few weeks overdue on putting a new podcast show together. I can assure you, though, that I haven’t gone into complete hibernation mode, even though we’ve had to endure a few harsh weeks of blizzard and subzero conditions around these parts. But, I should be getting things back on course here with plenty of interesting developments in the works for the weeks and months ahead, so I hope you’ll stick with me. On this installment of the show, you’ll hear a bunch of new releases and a few new reissues I’ve recently gotten ahold of, along with a couple of older finds from my recent record store expedition in Minneapolis with a group of fine KMSU folks. Of the new material, the latest works from Astor, The Pheromoans, Good Willsmith, and Ross Manning have all really perked up the ears. The Astor release, in particular, has been getting some heavy play. This third full-length from Mark Harwood’s solo project finds him moving away from the collaged field recordings of his previous Kye albums towards a more minimal electronic sound. The album fits in nicely with that excellent Hour House release that came out on Harwood’s Penultimate Press label last year. I’ve also been spending a considerable amount of time over the past week listening through the new Intersystems box set on Alga Marghen and reading through the extensive liner notes. I’m still trying to process all of this material and the group’s origins, but I can say that this late 60’s group of multimedia artists sounds remarkably contemporary to these ears. There’s a lot of other notable releases featured throughout the show, which I clumsily try to outline during the talk breaks. To be clear, Rachel Evans has no affiliation to the godawful pop-punk group, Motion City Soundtrack; my under-caffeinated brain tried to gloss over that mistake a little too quickly. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this new episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

The Pheromoans “In Freefall” I’m On Nights LP (Alter)
Brie “Z.B. Eine Birke” Brei CS (Kitchen Leg Records)
Mattress “Heavy” Half a Decade of Chrome: Field Hymns Comp Majeure 2xCS (Field Hymns)
John the Postman’s Peurile “Kowalski” The Disparate Cogscienti LP (Rough Trade)
Severed Heads “A Million Angels” Since the Accident LP (Ink Records)
Astor “Amusement” Lina in Nida LP (Penultimate Press)
Mahler Haze “Fractal Perimeters” Psithurism CD (Personal Archives)
(Talk break)
BBJr “Door Locks From the Outside” I Did What I Could With What I Had LP (Captcha Records)
Bart De Paepe “You Never Pass By My House” Solitary Moon LP (Vohu Manah Records)
Eddy Detroit “Run to the Sun” Immortal Gods LP (Assophon)
Sun City Girls “Song For a Dead Breath” Box of Chameleons 3CD (Abduction)
Eugene Chadbourne “8 Miles High” Kill Eugene LP (Placebo)
øjeRum “Syrenen Lukker Lysets Øjne Med Hele Sin Vægt I” (excerpt) Syrenen… CS (VAALD)
(Talk break)
Ross Manning “Expand/Scatter” Interlacing LP (Room40)
Intersystems “Carelessly Draped In Black” Peachy / Intersystems 3CD (Alga Marghen)
Michael Flora “Object #11” Phrome CD-R (Nada)
Good Willsmith “Not Your Kids” Things Our Bodies Used To Have LP* (Umor Rex)
Gate “Caked” Saturday Night Fever LP* (Mie)
Former Selves “Morriña” (excerpt) Morriña CS (Auasca)
(Talk break)
Razen “Reaper” End Rhymes LP* (Kraak)
Vapor Lanes “Post Bubble City” A Thin Film CS (Big Sleep)

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