FFFoxy Podcast #72


Greetings and Happy New Year from a very frigid upper Midwest. As I was stumbling into the studio in the dim early morning hours to record this show, the wind chill was hovering in the sub-zero range and slated to drop even further into the negative double digits in the days ahead. So, as we settle into hibernation mode and the inevitable cabin fever that comes with it, you’ll hear in this installment of the FFFoxy Podcast show a bit of that bound-up, mildly deranged energy that one experiences during this time of year. With that, this episode admittedly swings quite widely from set-to-set, but hopefully it’ll all make sense as you work your way through. You’ll hear more from the puzzling It’s War Boys! roster to start things off, then into some moving improvised sounds from Delphine Dora & Sophie Cooper and Alec Livaditis, and then into some heavy guitar riffage that includes a back-to-back blast from Ramleh and Ulaan Khol. There is, of course, plenty of other noteworthy tracks played and discussed throughout. I hope you enjoy this new episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

L. Voag “Kitchen” The Way Out LP (Superior Viaduct)
Narki Brillans “Saw A Great Disc Land” Narki Goes Into Orbo’ LP (War Extension)
Kontakt Mikrofoon “Living In Rotterdam” Disk Green: ReR Sampler CD (ReR USA)
Rake Kash “Hoskins / Danube Reflections” split w/ Das Torpedoes 7” lathe EP (Unread/Gertrude Tapes)
Mouse Sluts “Vaccanti” S/T 12” (Bruit Direct Disques)
Sugai Ken “Kaoru Keshiki” ToKiShiNe CD (Freed)
Iannis Xenakis “Bohor I” (excerpt) Electro-Acoustic Music LP (Nonesuch)
(Talk break)
More Eaze “Sure” Fine CS* (Full Spectrum)
Delphine Dora & Sophie Cooper “The Former Residents” Distance Future CS (Was Ist Das?)
Alec Livaditis “Through the Open Window” (excerpt) Clear and Cloud LP (Kye)
HMS “An” brie CS (Small Scale Music)
(Talk break)
Final Cop “Bison” Castaway Lakota CD (Dub Ditch Picnic)
Halo of Flies “Death Of A Fly” Music For Insect Minds CD (Amphetamine Reptile)
Ramleh “Incubator” Circular Time 2CD (Crucial Blast)
Ulaan Khol “Sun Like a White Scream” Salt CS (Soft Abuse)
Plundershop “Old Glee Club” Lorain Palace CS (Unread)
Lower Plenty “Concrete Floor” Life/Thrills CD (Mexican Summer)
Head of Wantastiquet “The Head of the Sphinx Will Never…” (excerpt) split w/ Dire Wolves (Pome Pome Tones)
(Talk break)
Charlie Nothing “The Psychedelic Saxophone of…” (excerpt) The Psychedelic Saxophone of… LP (Nothing Records)
Ugly Animal “Melting Horizon” Panic Button CD (Foolproof Projects)
Willamette “At Length and Dead Horse” Diminished Composition LP* (Scissor Tail Editions)

*Denotes digital promo copy provided by the artist or label.

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