FFFoxy Podcast #70: Pumice feature


We have a very special show for you this week focusing on the work of Pumice, a New Zealand-based project that has been around since the mid-90’s and has since gone on to release a number of superb albums that are stylistically wide-reaching – from battered folk and pop songs to expansive droning chord organ dirges – and all soldered together in a singular DIY approach. The one constant throughout all of these years and all of this activity has been Stefan Neville. Back in 2009, we had reached out to Neville and put together a short feature show on Pumice for the weekly Free Form Freakout radio show. This was well before the podcast was up and running. In many ways, it was that particular show that laid the groundwork for what we envisioned the Free Form Freakout podcast could be and the type of music and artists that we wanted to cover on the show. Fast-forward over six years to now, with a new Pumice album out on Soft Abuse called Puddles, not to mention a few other archival and side project albums currently available, and it simply felt like the perfect time to check back in with Stefan. We’re pleased-as-punch to say that we do just that on this installment of the FFFoxy Podcast show.

We recently had a chance to chat with Stefan about how Pumice has evolved over the years and where it’s heading into the future. We also talked specifically about the making of the new album Puddles and some of the other group and duo projects that he’s currently involved in. In addition to hearing a bunch of Pumice music scattered throughout the show, Stefan also generously provided a selection of some other forthcoming tracks to play, along with some older material from his early days in Hamilton, New Zealand. There’s plenty of great music to be heard, so do what you can to listen through the entirety of this show. We’ll likely have one more podcast before the end of the year and, time permitting, we’ll be putting together some type of year-end list on the site. Until then, we hope you enjoy this new episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Pumice “Pumiceraft” Raft (Last Visible Dog)
Pumice “The Only Doosh Worth Giving” Pebbles (Soft Abuse)
Pumice “Twin Neck Double Kick Bum Chin” split w/ Grouper (Soft Abuse)
Pumice “The Screaming Heap” Fool Fool Fool Moon (Doubtful Sounds)
(Interview segment with Stefan Neville)
Pumice “Plastic Plant By Faircol” Poise Etc. (Planam)
Pumice “Force Eyes” Poin (Stabbies etc.)
Pumice “Upsets #4” White (Stabbies etc.)
Pumice “Lisk Yes” A Window Into A Egg (Stabbies etc.)
(Interview segment with Stefan Neville)
Pumice “What Did You Have For Tea Last Night” Puddles (Soft Abuse)
Pumice “Why I Chew My Sleeves” Puddles (Soft Abuse)
Pumice “Mothers in Mantis” Puddles (Soft Abuse)
The Coolies “This Car Is A Safe Place” Kaka (Feeding Tube)
(Interview segment with Stefan Neville)
Greg Malcolm + Stefan Neville “Prospectus” (by Steve Lacy) Deep & Meaningful Vol. 3 (Deep & Meaningful)
Hermione Johnson + Stefan Neville “Dead Spit” Deep & Meaningful Vol. 3 (Deep & Meaningful)
Ben Holmes “Dreamboat Scream Up the River Of Blood” *forthcoming 7” lathe (Stabbies etc.)
(Interview segment with Stefan Neville)
Hand Of Glory “Weird E Coughing Blood” S/T (Orange Recordings)
The Big Muffin Serious Band “Le Cocaine” Jabberwocky Goes To Town (Big Serious Promotions)
Gfrenzy “To The Sea” NaN (Stabbies etc.)
Ponzo Danko “Boing Boing Boing” (unreleased)
Thistle Group “I Don’t Wanna” (unreleased)
Biscuits “Swimming” Self-Titled lathe 8″ (no label)
Mr. Sterile Assembly “Othering Heights” It’s All Over (Skirted Records)

Some bonus Pumice audiovisuals for you:


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