FFFoxy Podcast #69


I had mentioned at the end of the last episode that a feature on Pumice was in the works for the weeks ahead, and I can assure you that is indeed still the case. But, in the interest of showcasing some more new music, along with a few recent record fair scores, I thought I’d go ahead and squeeze in another show before finalizing that feature one. On this episode, you’ll hear a heavy grip of LPs from the likes of The Lloyd Pack, Ian William Craig, Vanity of the Tongue, and The Electronic Hole, not to mention some utterly mesmerizing works on tape from LXV, Giant Claw, and Macho Blush. I’m going to keep things short and leave it at that for now; I’ve got audio to edit, leftovers to eat, and several cans of this remarkably drinkable Guinness Nitro IPA to drink. Hope you enjoy this new episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

The Lloyd Pack “Itchy Gnomes” A Tribute LP (Amish)
Badaboum “Sordida” S/T LP (Bruit Direct Disques)
The Electronic Hole “The Golden Hill” (track 3) S/T LP (Radich)
Boots “Up” Boots/C.C./Snake & Remus Box 3xLP (H.P. Cycle)
Simon Joyner “In My Drinking Dream” Grass, Branch & Bone LP (Woodsist)
United Bible Studies “Waiting For Another Day” The Ale’s What Cures Ye LP* (Mie)
Andrew Weathers “The Star on the Horizon” (Long Version) I Am Happy When I Am Moving CS (Constellation Tatsu)
(Talk break)
Ian William Craig “Empty, Circle, Tremble” Cradle for the Wanting LP (Recital)
LXV “Recall” (excerpt) Witness/Recall CS (Monorail Trespassing)
Louis and Bebe Barron “Battle with Invisible Monster” Forbidden Planet LP (Poppy Disc)
More Eaze “2 In Tents” Accidental Prizes CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions)
Giant Claw “Deep Thoughts 001” Deep Thoughts CS (Orange Milk)
Fripp & Budd “Untitled” S/T CS (self-released)
(Talk break)
Vanity of the Tongue “Pigs” Reality Fantasies LP (Crisis of Taste)
Vertical Slit “New Thrill/New Pill” Under the Blood Red Lava Lamp CD (Siltbreeze)
Glands of External Secretion “Hallucinatory Companion” Northern Exposure Will Be Right Back LP (Starlight Furniture Co.)
Macho Blush “Check Your Point” Favorite Poems CS (self-released)
Ak’Chamel the Giver of Illness “The Curse of Illness” The Man Who Drank God CS (Field Hymns)
Silent Isle “Opportunity” (excerpt) Res/Uru/Ser CS (Cave Recordings)
Anla Courtis “RP1” (excerpt) El Raspiarero CS (Obsolete Units)
(Talk break)
Odd Hope “Brave and Olde” b/w “I’ll Follow You Soon” 7” (Fruits & Flowers)
Burial Hex “Winter Dawn” The Hierophant CD (Handmade Birds)

*Denotes digital version provided by the label or artist for airplay purposes

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