FFFoxy Podcast #68


We’re at mid-November now, so the onslaught of best-of lists and year-end recaps are just right around the corner. As I was putting together this latest installment of the FFFoxy Podcast, though, it occurred to me just how much incredible new music has recently come out or is slated to come out in the weeks ahead. There’s so much more out there waiting to be heard, but hopefully there are some new discoveries in here for you to take into consideration for your own “list”, however or wherever you compile such a thing, or maybe simply a few things to ponder while you’re drunkenly scoffing at the selections of your not-so-favorite music publications out there. Tis the season, you know! Under either the former or latter conditions, I know I’ll be spouting praise for the latest works from Heather Leigh, Sacred Product, Ignatz, and Seth Graham, not to mention the crucial reissues from Vincent Over the Sink and Departmentstore Santas. There’s plenty more to chew on here, too, and more in store in the weeks ahead, including a feature show with long-time favorite Pumice, who had joined us on the weekly Free Form Freakout show before the podcast was even an idea. Until then, hope you enjoy this new episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Sacred Product “The Thirsty River” $ A Ride LP (Quemada)
Vincent Over The Sink “Mice in the Ocean” 22 Coloured Bull-Terriers 2LP* (Another Dark Age)
Departmentstore Santas “Lost At Sea / Egypt” At The Medieval Castle… LP (Superior Viaduct)
Greymouth “Rained Out” S/T 12” (Quemada)
Ignatz “I Live In A Utopia” I Live In A Utopia CS (Goaty Tapes)
Rain Drinkers “Sun Dog” split w/ Rats Heap The Cairn CS (Shifting Sands Congregation)
(Talk break)
Heather Leigh “The Return” I Abused Animal LP* (Ideologic Organ)
Charalambides “Dormant Love” A Vintage Burden CD (Kranky)
Jandek “I’m Ready” On The Way LP (Corwood Industries)
Rag Lore “El Amar Esadis Min Ramadan, Parts I & II” A Knife Like A Song You Can’t Whistle 7” lathe* (Cabin Floor Esoterica)
Sophie Cooper “Klias Wetlands” Our Aquarius CD (Wild Silence)
Hakobune “Nagasaki” (excerpt) Mizukagami CS (Sacred Phrases)
(Talk break)
Seth Graham “No. 00 In Clean Life” No. 00 In Clean Life CS (Orange Milk)
Robert Ashley “The Fox” Wolfman CD (Alga Marghan)
Mel Bentley “Fish Songs” Red Green Blue CS (Vitrine)
Miaux “Untitled” Milk Of The Seer Beast CS (Alien Passengers)
Clear Fluids “Autospasy” Sicariidae CS (Lighten Up Sounds)
Majeure “Appalachian Winter Blues” Union of Worlds CS (Constellation Tatsu)
(Talk break)
Dodmen “Drawn Circle” Azimuth CS* (Extreme Ultimate)
Crown Larks “Blood Mirage” Blood Dancer CD (Space Lung/Land Breathing)

*Denotes digital version provided by the label or artist for airplay purposes

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