FFFoxy Podcast #59


Finally pushing through some busy times around here over the past couple of weeks, so I’m happy to be sort of catching my breath and getting a chance to go through a bunch of mostly newer music that has been piling up in the FFF bunker for this episode of the podcast. You can expect maybe another show or two like this one in the weeks ahead as well. This show certainly runs the gamut in terms of various sounds and styles, from the most bittersweet of pop songs to the most confounding of sound poetry. There’s plenty of new favorites tucked in here from the likes of Michael O., More Eaze, Andrew Weathers Ensemble, David Moscovich, and Mahjoop, along with some older standbys like Tom Carter & Pat Murano, Tart, and Organum. I also couldn’t resist offering up another track from Tilth’s second album, Country Music, which comes out on our own in-house label in the next week or so. All of this, of course, is served up with the usual mispronunciations and other verbal stammerings (I’ll never get the vowels correct with United Dairies!). Hope you enjoy this episode, though. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or comments.

Michael O. “Ouroboros Blues” Really? LP (Fruits & Flowers)
Mumbles “Marie” Geese My Eyes CS* (Kitchen Leg)
More Eaze “(frail pt. 2)” (frail) CS (Already Dead)
Delphine Dora “La lueur” Près du coeur savage CD-R (Wild Silence)
Red Noise “20 Mirror Mozarts Composing On Tea Bag And 1/2 Cup Bra” Sarcelles – Lochères LP (Souffle Continu)
Organum “The Expelled” Submission CD (United Dairies/Complacency)
Son of Rama “Nada Sauti” Spheres CS (OJC Recordings)
Tom Carter & Pat Murano “Kawnyarna Pt 2” (excerpt) Kawnyarna CD (Dub Ditch Picnic)
(Talk break)
Tilth “Cabin Bells” Country Music LP (Round Bale Recordings)
Andrew Weathers Ensemble “Keep Fighting 2K15” Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything LP* (Full Spectrum)
Heavy Hymns “Determining Fate” Solace CS (House of Alchemy)
Sult “Uvel” Svimmelhed CD (Humbler/Conrad Sound)
Bernard Heidsieck “Le Quatrième Plan” Revue OU Complete Recordings 4CD (Alga Marghen)
David Moscovich “Aneurisma Nightmarica” Gandhi/Gaddafi CS (Tymbal Tapes)
Millions “Prismatic” Line in the Sky CS (Field Hymns)
(Talk break)
Pigeons “The Mountain” The Bower LP* (Mie)
Rand & Holland “The Plague” S/T CS* (A Guide To Saints)
Hagerty-Toth Band “2D Girl” Qalgebra LP (Three Lobed Recordings)
Tart “Two Great Kings” Bring in the Admiral LP (Swill Radio)
David Behrman “Runthrough” Wave Train CD (Alga Marghen)
(Talk break)
Space Blue “A La Luna” S/T CS* (Crudités Tapes)
Veabis & Tubbhead “Trapo molhado torcido para o lado” S/T CS (A Giant Fern)
Mahjoop “howlingforjudy” S/T CS (Cave Recordings)

*Denotes digital submissions direct from artist or label

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